What To Expect In 2018

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Best Is Yet To Come


As the New Year is upon us, we tend to think about what is to come and reflect on the past year.

There are some very special things on the horizon.

Most of the time people make lists of what they expect for their future.

They may have more responsibility coming their way.

Such as getting new motorcycle insurance or purchasing ones very first home.

You may be hoping to get a promotion at work, or a pay raise.

There are many reasons to be excited about what is to come.

What is to come in 2018? What are the latest trends?

And how are the masters of technology forging a future?

Let’s take a look at how your new year will fill you with inspiration and information.


The Future Of Insurance


Insurance has been around for a long time. It has grown and morphed and changed.

Right now there is a huge interest in investor insurance start-ups.

Insurance is always needed and people are snatching it up quickly.

With all of the natural disasters happening, a desire for specific types of insurance is growing.

An estimated 1,500 new insurance start-ups will forge through this year.

There are investor conferences happening all of the time and people are excited about getting new and better coverage.

Technology is greatly affecting the insurance industry right now…


With new technology comes new advances in how it is marketed and distributed.

Whether you need motorcycle insurance or homeowners insurance, getting a broker is the most popular choice.

Having a broker is the cheapest way to communicate your needs and gain the best insurance.

  • The most popular new way to purchase insurance is all online.  Small commercial agents and business are most at risk. With a changing world, our businesses must change with it. You can purchase and update your insurance from your smart phone. That is the new wave. With people being busier than ever, a quick change to a policy when the holidays role around is key. Maybe you want to update your motorcycle insurance from minimum coverage to maximum coverage. Log on to your insurance agencies website and change things on your lunch break.
  • Brokers will always be valued member of the insurance community as their knowledge is very helpful. They can help effect change in the industry as well by suggesting certain insurance agencies over others.

The Importance Of The Future

  • Artificial intelligence and insurance is also on the forefront. These AI figures configure what people need and also make calculations on insurance distribution and how people will buy. From a diagnostic for a homeowners insurance policy to evaluating motorcycle insurance risk, an Artificial Intelligence could do wonders for the future.
  • The best thing for insurance companies to do if they are to survive in the future, is to adapt to change. Be the leader in your industry by changing and keeping up with industry innovations. Don’t be afraid to take a risk on what the future might hold. It could jumpstart your agency into the new millennia.


Phones In The New Year


One great creation which everyone can agree on is cell phones.

There may be debate about how they are used and how much harm they cause us, but we need them in this day and age.

Children and phones might not click quite as much as a business owner and his phone.

And here is why: phones interconnect us to everything.

Do you want your children aware of everything? No, probably not.

But as a business owner or business person, you will want all of life’s information at your finger tips.

From voice recognition to face recognition, our security features are getting better and better.

As far as looks go, the very stylish new phones are ready to sell.

Let’s see what the latest and greatest for the upcoming year will be


Here are some cool new features set for almost every smart phone this coming year:

  1. Biometric safety and security features. Your phone can literally notice your facial features. Instead of unlocking your phone with a number system or even a fingerprint, facial recognition is where it’s at.  iPhone X has been the fore father of this invention and other phones are taking notice. People want the latest and greatest when it comes to security on their phones. You could unlock your phone with a glance instead of a code. This technology has been put in most 2018 phones out there on the market.
  2. Augmented Reality is a term used by gamers and tech nerds. If you want more real-life type figures on your phone, look no further. Augmented Reality features are being added into the new iOS Operating systems. This makes games and other tasks on your phone much more realistic and easier to see. Google has also added this feature to their devices. You can plug in Augmented Reality platforms onto your phone through an APP.
  3. Better Artificial Intelligence processing. This means faster phones and “smarter” phones. There is good and bad with this technology. Your phone can literally guess what you may want to shop for, or search for. Facebook may pick up on your mood (or so it seems). This new technology leaves less room for privacy. But some people don’t care. They think that the smarter the phone, the faster they can get what they want.

Kids In The Coming Year


Let’s talk about being a kid in 2018. What does the future hold for them? What should they be capable of doing?

It is easy to see how technology has advanced children and made them more capable.

But there are also many downsides to this new tech revolution.

So what is in store for our children in the coming year?

Many people call it “raising digital natives”. This term means that the kids who are 20 and under have literally been raised with technology in the forefront of their lives.

They probably know more about computers and smart phones than the generations ahead of them.

But how this impacts them takes adult insight.


Here are the ways technology effects children and will continue to impact their future:


  • One way this impacts kids is that they are much less active now than they were 20 years ago. You may have your child signed up for dance or sports. But the truth is that children nowadays will spend less time outside and less time being physical.
  • They also lack an essential vitamin called Vitamin D. Which mostly, you can only get from the sun. This vitamin effects so much of our bodies and the way that we function. You cannot truly supplement this vitamin.  Not only does this vitamin keep your skin healthy but it can help prevent cancer.
  • Since 1980 there has been a huge rise in childhood obesity.  Diabetes has also shown a rise in recent year with the younger population.
  • Technology can sometimes take the place of social interaction. It depends on your families lifestyle, but many more introverted kids will choose technology over other human interaction. This can effect their empathy skills as well as social interactive behaviors.


Technology In Cars and The Wave Of New Drivers


Isn’t it exciting to know that cars one day may even drive themselves.

Well, that day may be closer than you think!

Technology and cars has made quite a large impact on our society over the past few years.

Cars have systems installed that not only make them safer but easier to drive.

New drivers such as young teens, have an easier time with more recent models of cars.

There are back up cameras, better air bags and more fluid steering. Some come in more powerful packages as well.

But, whatever the reason you want a new car, you should know what the future holds for not only cars but car insurance.

The future is clear: let’s make our daily lives and daily commute more efficient and safer.


Here are some great features you can expect to find on 2018 models of cars:

  1. Cameras and sensors will be installed on almost every new model of car standard. This means that parallel parking in the city may just be easier. Sensors will activate letting you know when you come to close to another vehicle or object. This could be great for young teens learning to drive. But, don’t get too reliable on these sensors, looking over your shoulder will still be on the drivers test and will be something every teen will need to learn how to do when backing. Use your mirrors and regular precautions. Back-up cameras are more for convenience than anything else.
  2. An on-board Wi-Fi App and monitoring system should be consistent in most models in 2018. They have become more and more common in recent years. Using bluetooth you can hook your phone up to your cars system and use it like a car phone. You can link all of your technology together making your commutes more convenient and useful. These systems can also help with breaking and steering if need be.

More Future Features…

  1. Making trucks more fuel efficient. The Ford F150 is already made in the hybrid version.  But now it will  get even more furl efficiency. More and more truck manufacturers are getting a fuel boost to their newer models. To stay in business one must adapt and that means people don’t want to have to pay more at the pump.
  2. Making cars  lighter to get more fuel efficiency is another industry standard starting to grow. The new Ford Explorer will be 300 pounds lighter. Using lighter metals when manufacturing vehicles is easy, but keeping them safer isn’t always. Using technology will help to keep vehicles safe while trying to lighten them up.
  3. Crossovers are a huge hit. Crossing an SUV with a Sedan has never been more popular. You get more room and more bang for your buck. These cars are also fuel efficient and come in hybrid styles. Electric crossovers are on the menu in the near future so watch out for them.



Homeownership in 2018 and The Effects On Millennials


In recent years, homeownership has dropped significantly with millennials.

This sub group of people are identified as ages 18-34 years of age as of age.

  • Most of this group are renters and not homeowners. Not only are the real estate markets high right now and have been for the past couple of years but this age group saves. More than not, this age group are better with their finances and take longer to graduate college than any other year. Many Millennials go to graduate school and don’t really start making money until their mid twenties. Because of this renting is easier. Long ago are the days where you settled down and had a family right out of school. Now, you need two incomes and a supportive salary to afford to buy in the United States.

They do have plans for homeownership though.

And it most likely will happen in 2018.

Here is what statistics are saying:

  • 75% of millennials plan to own a home in the future.
  • 53% of those people plan to wait until after 2018. And only 25% plan to purchase within the next two years. So the housing market may see a swing in purchasing in the years to come.
  • Waiting until they are married can have tax benefits. But the main reason for the wait is money.
  • This will show an upswing in home construction and schools construction as well. To fit the new millennial families into the economy and as homeowners, building must start happening now.
  • The fact is, most people who are selling their homes, are just upgrading to their next house. Therefore the amount of homes is less than the amount of people wanting homes. Renters are usually younger people either in college are just graduating from college. They also make up the lower income population. Depending on what state you live in, there might be more renters than homeowners just based on availability and price.
  • Current studies show that the annual income of this age group does not cooperate with the housing market. Even a two income family will find it hard to purchase a home in the next few years. If you are trying to raise a family, the best school districts are usually in the wealthiest of neighborhoods. So take all of this under consideration when thinking that homeownership is still part of the American Dream.


In Summation


The fact of the matter is, technology and improvements in this next year are in full swing.

Expect to have cars that are self parking, and new housing developments climbing up like weeds from the ground.

Growing an economy means developing. Adaptation should be the theme of the coming year.

Whether you need to adapt your technology and advance your computer and phone to the next step.

Or whether a new car is in your future, technology has many great benefits for our culture.

Just don’t forget the means to an end.

Don’t forget about the bread and butter of the economy: hard work and jobs for people.

When we start giving all of our jobs to robots and computers, where does that leave us?


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