The cases of drunken driving, DUI charges and numerous cases of accidents that result in death or near fatal injuries have been on the rise. Whereas indulgence maybe seen as a break away from the monotony of daily life, it’s not an excuse to endanger the lives of others or your own. The solution of a designated driver can be a viable option, but why should you miss out on the fun and “babysit”? A lot of metropolitan cities in the US have deliberated and come up with the perfect solution. Introducing free cab services around the US. Free cab services are your designated driver services; none of you will miss out on the chance to have a good time, and you are guaranteed that you will have stories to tell later, when you are sobered up. These free cab services have made taking a cab home after an evening out easier and accessible. They are assigned a toll free number that you can text or call when you are ready to leave. In addition, the drivers are well versed in the local club scenes in case you want a club hopping chauffeur. However, they are not entirely free, most cabs are covered for a given fee and the passengers are responsible for any cost over the limit.


Reasons to take the service

  • Since the cab drivers are sober, you are guaranteed to be home safe and sound. On a national scope, the mortality rates will reduce not to mention fewer DUI charges.
  • Everyone can share in the fun; no need to have a designated driver. Leave the work to the professionals.
  • In case you had your own ride, the service also allows for pick up services for your car, therefore, you and your car will arrive at home safe and sound.
  • Pitch in to the well-being of the community and make it a safe environment especially on high risk holidays.


  • The free cab service is only for persons over the age of 21.
  • The calls for redeeming the service should be made to the toll free number provided by the number. Calling the cab company directly will attract normal rates.
  • Calls are only allowed on the hours of operation on the designated days
  • The cab company will respond in thirty minutes or less, depending on the distance.
  • The ride is restricted to a certain geographical area; anything beyond this area will attract normal charges beyond the limit.

Free cab resource: There are a couple of exquisite cab services that offer free cab services. Here are a few of the free cab services and their localities; they may help in case you decide to have fun in these areas.

SoberRide, Washington– it is an initiative of the Washington Regional Alcohol Program (WRAP). Established in 1993, and has a track record of more than 50,000 would be impaired drivers taken home. It currently operates during the December/ January holidays, Independence Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Halloween. It offers a limit of $30 fare and the customers are liable for any extra charges.

Discount cab– this service operates round the clock and has its own fleet of hybrid Prius taxis. The drivers are thoroughly checked and scrutinized for past misdemeanors to ensure that you are safe. In addition, they are trained to help people with disabilities. The free ride is redeemed after calling the company directly and requesting the service. The discount cab will take you home and back to the bar or restaurant where your car is the next day. The maximum use for this service is twice a month.

Yellow cab; Tipsy? Taxi! Service– Offers the free ride service to inebriated merry makers during choice holidays especially the December/ January holidays. It is offered within the Baltimore area and has a limit of $50. Any charges above this or any ride outside the greater Baltimore area will attract extra charges to the customer.

ABCO services– operate in Toledo especially around the New Year celebrations. The service’s drivers volunteer on this occasion to give their services while you make merry. In addition to the get home safe program, they also offer free tow services. The service is on a first come first serve basis from 11PM to 3AM. They pick up customers from local drinking establishments and provide free services within Toledo city limits.

Black and White cab service– Also operates in the Toledo area and runs a home safe program. This service is two pronged; the taxi driver could come for you in a company taxi or you could request a designated driver to take you home in your car. The service allows prepayment and also booking is on a first come first serve basis.

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