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May 4, 2021

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No SR22 auto insurance? You’ve come to the right place!

If you have no SR22 auto insurance and you’ve been ordered by a court to get it, you should buy SR22 insurance right away. You can be subject to serious penalties for not holding SR22 insurance.

Depending on your situation, those penalties can be much worse than the regular penalties for not having insurance. Drivers who are stopped with no SR22 auto insurance may even face jail time if they were previously found guilty of a serious traffic infraction, such as a hit and run.

Naturally, the consequences for not having SR22 insurance vary by state.

Luckily, states don’t differ very much when it comes to what SR22 insurance is and how to get it. Virtually every state uses SR22 insurance in exactly the same way, though there are a few states that call it by a different name.

For example, you might hear it referred to as FR insurance or FR-44. This stands for “Financial Responsibility.” FR-44 insurance has the same function as SR-22, so if you need FR-44 you will still be able to use this article.

What Should I Look For When Buying SR22 Car Insurance?  

Before you buy SR22 insurance, it’s crucial to know exactly what you’re getting.

SR22 insurance does not usually provide any special auto insurance coverage over and above the minimum car insurance policy required in your state. Instead, the purpose of SR22 insurance is to prove to the authorities in your state that you are carrying at least the lowest level of insurance under the law.

When you open an SR22 insurance policy, the insurer takes some extra steps on your behalf. They will file a special “Certificate of Financial Responsibility” that allows the state to verify your insurance coverage with more certainty. This enables anyone who has been deemed a “high risk driver” to continue to drive.

You could think of SR22 as an extra “security” measure.

When the average driver loses his or her insurance for any reason, they might go several weeks or even months before being contacted by the state. On the other hand, when you lose SR22 insurance, state authorities will find out almost immediately. Your vehicle registration and license could be suspended.

So, what should you look for when buying SR22 car insurance? Two things!

The most important matter is to be sure that your insurer actually offers this kind of policy. Smaller local car insurance companies may not provide SR22, because it is a higher risk to them. They may end up paying out a significant amount of money if an SR22 policyholder is in an accident.

The second issue is to compare car insurance quotes from SR22 providers.

Your monthly car insurance premium will already go up as a result of whatever led to you getting SR22. For the most serious violations, such as Driving While Intoxicated or leaving the scene of an accident, your monthly premium can more than double. This factors affects the cost of your SR22 insurance.

On top of that, SR22 insurance providers can also charge extra for the policy.

With that in mind, you will always want to compare car insurance online before you decide on an SR22 provider.

By comparing car insurance quotes online, it’s easier to find the best deal and save more money.

Best Advice for SR22 Filings  

The best advice for SR22 filings is the simplest: Take care of it right away!

In many cases, your registration and license will be suspended until you start your SR22 insurance. After you have proof of insurance, you can lift those suspensions by paying a fee to the state. Once you have your license, then you will be able to pay the fees to return your vehicle, which is typically impounded.

Here are some other valuable pieces of advice for SR22 filings:

1. Understand Your Legal Obligations for SR22

Be sure you get in touch with the court to fully understand the expectations around SR22. That includes how long you will need to hold it and whether you are expected to go to any future hearings. Also make certain to note whether holding SR22 is a condition of parole, which can happen in very serious cases.

2. Know Your Insurer’s Policies

Double-check with your insurer to know their payment policies, including things like the grace period if you do not pay on time. After all, payments can be lost for lots of reasons. Also find out how you can switch to another car insurance company without causing your SR22 policy to lapse before or after.

3. Continue Checking for Good Deals on SR22 Insurance

Just like any other car insurance policy, you have the power to change providers for your SR22 insurance. Courts rarely weigh in on where you get your insurance, only that you need to have it! Knowing that, compare SR22 quotes online once a month to be sure you are getting the best deal you can.

4. Be Careful When You Drive

A big part of keeping your SR22 costs down is making sure you do not get in any other trouble on the road. If you get in an accident or have a traffic violation, your SR22 insurance period could be extended. The average SR22 policy is active for three years, so aim to avoid getting stopped during that time.

5. Check for Discounts with Your Insurer

Even though you have SR22 insurance, it doesn’t always mean that you can’t get car insurance discounts for other reasons. If you buy a new car that’s much safer than your current one, you could still get a few dollars off each month. Question your insurer to discover what options are available.

Is It Illegal to Drive Without SR22 Insurance?  

If you have been ordered to hold SR22 insurance by a court, not having it will lead to legal consequences. That said, it is effectively illegal to drive without SR22 insurance.

In many states, it’s already possible to lose your registration and license for driving without insurance. For SR22 insurance holders, the repercussions are even more dire.

You might be subject to substantial fines and could even go to jail. Of course, this is not the case for every SR22 policyholder. To know exactly what penalties apply in your case, be sure you get the right information from your legal counsel. Every situation is different, and state laws vary.

No matter what, though, not having SR22 insurance when you’re supposed to is bad news.

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