Recently it has come to our attention that there is a call marketing campaign underway nationally, using our trademarked name,

We have no affiliation with these calls. We have received countless reports from consumers upset with the frequency of these calls.

We’re very sorry that consumers have had their lives interrupted by these calls.

In fact, we have received hundreds of calls from people across the country. We’ve also received dozens of email complaints as well. This is impacting our ability to service our customers, as well as adding to our costs to conduct business.

From what we understand, the calls have come in with caller IDs of local phone numbers, through a process known as “call spoofing” – using a local phone number to gain the trust of consumers.

In the past week we’ve learned that the calls have also begun to come in with our national 800 number, 800-486-1866 used for the Caller ID.

The recorded message from the robo call frequently states that the call is “Adam from” – sometimes they ask you to hold on to talk to an agent for a quote. Sometimes they ask you to press 1 or 2 to cancel the call, or to talk to an agent. Regardless of the number pressed, most of the time the call gets disconnected.

  • The FTC and the FCC report that sometimes these fraudulent calls will try to obtain a credit card number, or other personal information. DO NOT PROVIDE IT.
  • If you do not recognize an incoming phone number – DO NOT ANSWER IT.
  • If you can – add the phone number to your BLOCKED CALLER list.
  • We have been advised that these calls may be originating outside of the Country.
In researching these calls, we discovered that it is not illegal to spoof a phone number! We were shocked, and disappointed, to learn that unless there is “intent to harm”, that spoofing a phone number is legal in the United States.

A few facts about

We do not generate outgoing calls to consumers via our websites.

We do not collect consumer phone numbers, or email addresses on our websites. We only collect consumer information when contacted by a consumer through our insurance agency, which only writes insurance policies in the state of California. We do not maintain a call list.

When a consumer completes a quote request with a national partner insurance carrier via our websites, the consumer information is solely collected by insurance carrier for the purpose of providing an insurance quote. If those carriers subsequently contact the consumer, they will not identify themselves as representing CheapInsurance, they will identify themselves with their carrier name.

If you have any contact information from those calls that you are willing to share, we would appreciate learning that information, so that we may engage in an effort to stop the misuse of our trademarked name. Email those details to [email protected]


We encourage anyone receiving these calls to report them. To report these calls, you may contact the Federal Trade Commission, and the Federal Communications Commission:

FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

FCC (Federal Communications Commission)

Reporting these calls is the the recommended action for consumers -we hope that with enough information, that this robo-caller can be identified, stopped, and prosecuted.