Fausto Bucheli Jr


April 30, 2019

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John Davey

Great Vehicles You Can Afford This Year


All too often we dream about having that third row seating or extra horsepower, but can’t afford it. With technology in cars on the rise and a wave of electric and hybrid models, affordable cars are easier to come by. And you won’t have to settle for cloth seats either. Every person has their own idea of what a “nice” car is. To some it is luxury. Having all the fixings from heated seats to a leather wrapped steering wheel and chrome, chrome, chrome. But for others it comes down to practicality.

A large family might be more comfortable in a large SUV that isn’t as luxurious. Knowing your way around a handy van is great for those moms and dads out there. A new teenage driver would probably like to get their hands on a new Mustang convertible. But the parents have a different idea of what is safe. The more air bags the better right? Living life in the country means a diesel truck and durability. You can spend just as much on a Mercedes Benz as a Dodge Ram. You just need to know where you money is going. Is it going into a fancy speaker system and V8 engine? Or perhaps your money is more likely to buy you a sunroof and an electric engine.

Money And More

However you come to peace with your pocketbook, know this: a car is a great purchase however you slice it. No, you might not get your money back out of the car you buy today. But you are investing in you and your ability to make money, get you from place to place and enjoy your time on the road. Americans spend a lot of time in their cars. Cars have always been part of the backbone of this country. This is why every year more and more models come onto the market that astound us as buyers. We want a certain type of car, that car is produced and we buy it. The more we buy of that one type of car, the more they produce. Supply and demand.

Let’s Talk Insurance

Before you purchase a vehicle, you need to have insurance. Insurance is not only mandatory, but let’s face it, it will save you money in the long run. Many times newer cars cost more to insure. This makes getting that cheap car insurance even more important. Talk to people you trust about what types if insurance is right for you. When you own a new vehicle, you will need full coverage. Even leasing a vehicle means the banks will want to have collateral on your car. By carrying full coverage, you can protect yourself, your vehicle and others on the road. Drive safe and talk to a broker today.

Here is what full coverage on a nice new car looks like:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/ $15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence
  • Collision coverage will cover you and your own car in case of an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage makes sure you are covered for things like minor damages and theft.
  • Medical coverage for you and your passengers- Medical coverage can make a huge difference for your security and safety.
  • Towing and roadside assistance- You may not only need this for a crash, but if you break down. Roadside assistance can save you time and money.
  • Rental reimbursement- You could be covered or reimbursed for a rental car when you are involved in a crash.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage- this will make sure that you are still covered even if someone without insurance hits you.
  • Full glass coverage- this is additional coverage for your car to cover glass windows and doors.
  • Loan/lease coverage- when you have a loan or a lease out on a vehicle, your coverage needs to be different. Most of the time a full policy is required.

Sometimes something great happens. A car comes out that no one has really thought of. Or if we have thought of it, it truly blew us out of the water once we drove it. You could say this about he Tesla phenomenon. In 2019 we can see some pretty practical cars coming onto the market. Practical means useful and it also means in your budget. No practical car costs 100 thousand dollars. The cars we buy the most often are the ones we can get a loan for, or save for. It is really that simple.

So here are some cars that won’t break the bank and will still make you smile from ear to ear.

Saving On Discounts

Everyone wants to know how they can save when they purchase a new car. Here is the deal: you can always qualify for a discount. Whether you are married, live in a gated community or have a perfect driving record, there are tons of discounts given.  Here is a list of some to ask about when looking for car insurance. We all want to be able to spend more on the car of our dreams and less on the insurance we need to keep us safe.

  • Discounts for safety courses taken- taking a safety course can help your premiums go down because it proves that you are a safe driver.
  • Marital discounts
  • Good driver discounts- having a driving record which shows safe driving and responsible skills will only help you when shopping for insurance.
  • Multi-car discounts- Not only having multiple cars can help, but the types of cars your family drives could save you.
  • Multi-policy discounts- You may want to consider getting homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, SR22 insurance and much more from the same insurance company.
  • Association discounts
  • Education discounts
  • Occupation discounts- Depending on what kind of job you have and how far you need to commute for that job could make a difference in your policy choice and price.


One Way To Save

There is more than one way to save when it comes to shopping for cars. Every year there are deals on certain models of cars. It depends on how many each dealership can sell and get off of their lot. Supply and demand for a certain vehicle changes and you can use this to your advantage. President’s Day, Memorial Day and Fourth Of July are just a few holidays when car dealerships hand out cars left and right. You can find a great model for cheap. You can also look at the sister dealerships to find more. When the dealership closest to you doesn’t have what you are looking for, many times they can contact a dealership in another city and try and get you what you are looking for. Saving money on the sticker price on the car of your dreams is great. You can also save on the cheap car insurance in your town by purchasing a car with a smaller engine or better crash test rating.

Never think that when you walk onto a dealership lot, you have to leave with something. Save money by shopping at the end of each year and buying models that need to leave. For instance, purchasing a car in December that is that years model is still purchasing a new car. The dealership might give you a discount because they need to move out that existing years stock in order to make room for the new years inventory. Play it smart and know how to shop. Even when you know how to shop, there are some cars that just hold their value and will save you money in the long run. Here are a few of those cars for 2019.

2019 Hyundai Kona

This car has been on the market for two years. But in 2019 you can get it fully electric. It has a hatched back which saves room for the groceries, dogs, backpacks and so forth. The Kona also has agile handling and is pretty upscale for a $20,000 price tag. Most people who drive this car say that it is comfortable and easy to handle. There is something great to be said about this subcompact SUV. Small, yes. But this is the exact type of car most people are looking for. You can ride around town or commute without breaking the bank. The Kona is stylish in a non-luxury kind of way. Hyundai has truly stepped up their car quality in the past ten years and the Kona is just one example of that. Make sure you get a quote for insurance before you drive this baby off the lot.

2019 Honda CRV

The Honda CRV seems to make the list every year for most reliable car. This small SUV is a guaranteed success if you drive or buy. Not only is it rated very high for safety, but you won’t break the bank with a $25,000 price tag. This great crossover vehicle has ample cargo storage, a smooth ride and a cute exterior. Whether you are a mom, a sports enthusiast, or a rugged mountain biker, this car is for you. It can commute without robbing you of every penny. It cam fit into compact parking spaces and hold all of the groceries from your Costco run. Basically the Honda CRV has it all. Some of you might be needing more space, or simply don’t like the look of this car. But once you try it out, you will see all the qualities Honda has so expertly designed.

2019 Camry Hybrid

Most people love their Camrys. You might pay a little more for the hybrid version. But saving all of those dollars at the pump just might be appealing. Easy to maintain and fix, Camrys can run for hundreds of thousands of miles. There are plenty of families and individuals who own Camry’s for 20 years and keep driving them simply because they love the car. For the almost $35,000 price tag you get a lot. Not only will you save with a hybrid engine, but the quality of this car is a cut above the rest.  User friendly as well as easy to drive makes it a favorite among retirees as well.  Apple Carplay is a nice feature as well. Every Toyota owner realizes the value of their car. Even though they aren’t luxury, you will feel special behind the wheel of any Camry. Know all of the ways to save on insurance by asking for discounts after you purchase a Camry. The Camry has been a true friend to the driver for decades.



2019 Chevy Spark

This sweet and tiny car will help you save in more than one way in 2019. This hatchback model Chevrolet makes getting into compact parking spots a breeze but also leaves room for your luggage or groceries. Never underestimate a small car. This four cylinder engine makes saving on car insurance easy. It also has a great safety rating and will cost less to fill at the pump. You cant opt for the stick shift version and have even more fun in your new Spark. You will end up spending only 14 thousand dollars on a new Chevrolet Spark . And it’s American made! This small car still has all of the technological advances of a regular car with Apple Carplay and Android Auto Integration. Have fun and keep your hard-earned money when you shop for a sleek and stylish Spark.

Fiat 500

One of the cheapest cars on the market, the Fiat 500 is still quite fashionable. More of a European style car, the Fiat is making a comeback in the United States. Some say that this once “lame” car has upgraded into sporty and stylish. The Fiat is very small, but oh so cute to drive. This two-door hatchback won’t give you much room for the family, but for those commuters or single people looking for a great deal, this car is for you. You will get around 32 miles per gallon in this ride and although they don’t come in hybrid, you won’t end up spending a fortune in gas. 4 cylinders and a 6 speed auto transmission, the Fiat is fairly standard. You can end up spending around 15 thousand for this great little car. And in 2019 you can find it with a turbo charged engine!


Dodge Ram 1500 Classic

We don’t talk much about trucks when it comes to saving money. That is because trucks are expensive. If you want to haul anything of importance, or want a work truck with a ton of torque, you will have to pay for it. But one of the cheapest trucks in 2019 that can still serve a purpose is the Dodge Ram 1500 Classic. This truck can still haul up to 7500 pounds, and has a bed for all of those backyard projects. But it won’t break the bank like its larger counterparts on the market. For about 25 thousand dollars brand new,  a 2019 Ram will get you where you need to go. With a regular cab that only fits three people, this won’t be a family vehicle. But for someone who needs a truck for practical means, it’s perfect. Standard 4×2 with a spray in bed liner will be just standard enough to get any job done.


If you want a brand new vehicle, you will need to do some shopping around.

Most of the time getting a car that is even one year used could save you up to 40%.

Leasing is another great option if you have to have something new!

Happy shopping and may 2019 be your year for a great car buy.