There are over 208 million licensed drivers in the United States. According to the most recent statistics, 16% of those drivers are currently uninsured (that’s 33 million drivers) and that number is only increasing as employment numbers stay high and incomes remain strained. To top it off, 14% of car accidents are caused by uninsured motorists, which is why many states are now requiring drivers to carry additional uninsured motorist coverage, along with the state-mandated liability coverage.

When polled, most uninsured drivers cite the rising cost of insurance as the reason they don’t carry proper coverage. Either their premiums have increased, resulting in them cancelling their insurance, or they could not find a policy that fit their budget, which leaves them at risk for further financial hardship.

With hundreds of insurance companies nationwide, each offering different plans at different prices, purchasing the right coverage at the lowest cost can be a frustrating process. As insurance professionals, our job is to do that research for you.

Many drivers don’t know that they can get help! That’s why we at Cheap Insurance have committed to working with you, in every state, to find the coverage and the price that fits your unique situation. You don’t have to live uninsured. Let us help. Even if you’ve had some bad luck behind the wheel, have limited driving experience, or need an SR22, we can find you great coverage at the best price.

We’ve got your state covered