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March 21, 2024

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The world of¬†car insurance¬†can be confusing, especially when an¬†SR22 filing¬†becomes necessary.¬† An SR22 is a certificate filed with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) by your car insurance company. It serves as proof that you maintain the minimum required liability car insurance coverage. This article, researched by¬†Cheap Insurance, aims to answer your questions about SR22s and guide you through the process of obtaining one.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check with your state’s DMV: Confirm if you need an SR22 and understand specific requirements.
  • Understand SR22 costs: Be prepared for potential filing fees and possible insurance premium increases.
  • Prepare necessary information: Driver’s license, vehicle details, and proof of car insurance.
  • Maintain continuous coverage: Avoid lapses in insurance throughout the filing period.
  • Clean driving record is key: Minimize traffic violations and accidents to avoid delays.

What Might Lead To Needing an SR22?

  • DUI/DWI Convictions: Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) convictions often¬†require an SR22 filing¬†for a set period. The specific duration varies by state.¬†
  • Driving Without Auto Insurance: If you were caught¬†driving without car insurance, your state might mandate an SR22 filing to reinstate your driving privileges.
  • Multiple Traffic Violations: Accumulating numerous traffic violations within a short period can lead to an SR22 requirement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an SR22:

A. Contact Your Current Insurance Company

If you already have car insurance, your first step should be contacting your current provider. Many insurance companies offer SR22 filings for an additional fee.  This can be the most convenient option, as your existing insurer already has your driving information on file.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Call your insurance company’s customer service department.
  2. Inform them you need an SR22 filing.
  3. Inquire about any associated fees.
  4. Confirm the timeframe for filing the SR22 with the DMV.

B. Find a New Insurance Company Offering SR22 Filings (if needed):

Not all insurance companies offer SR22 filings. If your current insurer doesn’t provide this service, you’ll need to find a new one. Here are some tips for finding an SR22 insurer:

  • Online Quote Comparison Tools: Several online platforms allow you to¬†compare quotes¬†from multiple insurance companies specializing in SR22 filings.
  • Contact Local Insurance Agents: Local insurance agents can provide auto insurance quotes offering SR22 coverage in your area.
  • Look for Companies Specializing in High-Risk Auto Insurance: Companies cater specifically to drivers with less-than-perfect records, including those needing SR22 filings.¬†

C. Provide Necessary Information and Documentation:

When obtaining an SR22, be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your driver’s license number
  • Vehicle information (year, make, model, VIN)
  • Proof of insurance coverage

D. Pay Any Required Fees:

There are typically fees associated with obtaining an SR22 filing charged by your auto insurance company. These can include:

  • SR22 filing fee charged by your insurance company
  • Possible increase in your¬†car insurance premium¬†due to the SR22 requirement

E. Confirmation and Timeline for SR22 Filing:

Once you’ve completed the steps above, confirm with your insurance company that the SR-22 filing has been submitted to the DMV.¬† The processing time can vary depending on your state, but it usually takes a few weeks.

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How Long Will I Need an SR22?

The duration for which you’ll need an SR22 filing depends on your state’s regulations and the reason for requiring it.  It typically ranges from three to five years, but it can be longer in some cases.

Here’s how to find out your specific timeframe:

  • Consult your state’s DMV website for information on SR22 filing requirements.
  • Review any court documents or orders related to your SR22 requirement. This might specify the filing period.
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While an SR22 filing might seem like a hurdle, understanding the process and following these steps can help you to navigate it successfully. Remember, maintaining continuous car insurance coverage and a clean driving record are key throughout the filing period. It’s still possible to find cheaper insurance even when you need an SR-22 filing. With responsible driving habits and a bit of effort, you can fulfill the SR22 insurance requirement and get back on the road with peace of mind.