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Kansas is nicknamed the ‘sunflower state’ for its fields of sunflowers that are harvested for their seeds and oil.

The state is famous for being the largest wheat producer in the U.S. and, second only to Texas, is the nation’s second-largest beef cattle producer.

Kansas is known for its undulating hills, vast prairies, and cultural attractions such as museums, art galleries, and theater productions.

Whether you are a resident, a visitor, or you’re driving through Kansas, it is a legal requirement to have minimum liability car insurance.

We have found that on average, the cost of a minimum liability car insurance policy in Kansas is $147.27 per month.

To help you find the best deals on car insurance in the state, we’ve compared quotes from car insurers in these Kansas counties:

  • Johnson County.
  • Sedgwick County.
  • Shawnee County.
  • Wyandotte County.
  • Douglas County.

We have compared quotes from these car insurers:

  • Dairyland.
  • Bristol West.
  • The General.
  • CSAA.

The cost of car insurance differs from one driver to the next depending on a number of factors such as:

  • Age.
  • Car model and make.
  • Type of insurance.
  • Location (where you live).
  • Driving record.

Because of these distinctions, we’ve compared the cost of Kansas car insurance for these types of drivers:

  • Good drivers (those with a clean driving record).
  • Young drivers (those aged between 16 and 25).
  • Bad drivers (those with a history of traffic violations).

Firstly, What Is Minimum Liability Car Insurance?

Minimum liability insurance is the least amount of coverage you need in order to pay for any damages you cause in a car accident. Liability insurance typically includes:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage: This covers other people’s physical damages in a collision.
  • Property damage liability coverage: This covers damages to the other driver’s property if you are involved in an accident.

The minimum liability car insurance requirements in Kansas are as follows:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury.
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury.
  • $25,000 per accident for property damage.

In order to drive legally in the state of Kansas, you must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. You are also required to carry uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage in the state of Kansas.

Key Point: What Is Personal Injury Protection (PIP)? 

Kansas is a no-fault state which means all drivers are required to purchase personal injury protection (PIP).

PIP insurance is a type of car insurance that, in the event of an accident, covers expenses like medical bills, lost wages, or funeral costs.

PIP covers you and your passengers when you are in a car accident, regardless of who is at fault.

However, PIP does not cover vehicle damage, property damage, or injuries sustained by people outside your car.

What is the difference between uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage?

Uninsured motorist coverage (UM) protects you if your vehicle is hit by a driver without auto insurance, or if you’re involved in a hit-and-run.

Your insurance will pay for medical bills and lost wages for you, your family members, and/or other passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident, up to your policy limits.

On the other hand, underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) applies when the driver who causes the accident has liability insurance, but the limits aren’t high enough to cover the damages.

In this case, the other driver’s insurance would pay first, and your UIM coverage would make up the difference in costs, up to your limits.

Find Cheap Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Kansas

We have found that on average, the cost of a minimum liability car insurance policy in Kansas is $147.27 per month.

CSAA offers the lowest insurance rates for minimum liability coverage, costing $127.33 on average per month.

Cheapest Minimum Liability Insurance in Kansas

ProviderJohnson CountySedgwick CountyShawnee CountyWyandotte CountyDouglas CountyAverage

Find Cheap Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kansas

Comprehensive insurance pays for damage to your vehicle that includes random events outside of your control.

While having a comprehensive car insurance policy is optional in Kansas, you should consider purchasing it if you can afford to.

If you choose not to take out comprehensive car insurance, it would benefit you to have enough savings to cover damage to your vehicle in the event of the following:

  • Car damage from hitting an animal.

Fixing car damage can easily cost thousands of dollars. Without comprehensive car insurance, you risk finding yourself in a situation where you are unable to drive your car because you cannot afford to get it repaired.

We found that the cheapest car insurance company in Kansas is CSAA with average rates of $129.50 per month.

Cheapest Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kansas
ProviderJohnson CountySedgwick CountyShawnee CountyWyandotte CountyDouglas CountyAverage

Cheap Car Insurance in Kansas for Drivers with Clean Driving Records

“Good” drivers (drivers with a clean driving record) are in a favorable position to find cheaper auto insurance. Car insurance companies consider good drivers to be people who:

  • Have not been the cause of any car accidents.
  • Have committed no traffic offenses.
  • Have a good credit score.
  • Have no speeding tickets.
  • Have no reckless driving charges.
  • Have no DUI convictions.

To save you money, many of the best car insurance companies offer a good driver discount on your car insurance rates.

Some car insurance companies will offer an additional discount if you have completed an accredited defensive driving course.

We’ve looked at the average car insurance rates for good drivers and found that the cost of an insurance policy for good drivers in Kansas is $159.40 on average per month.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers (Clean Driving Records) in Kansas
ProviderJohnson CountySedgwick CountyShawnee CountyWyandotte CountyDouglas CountyAverage

Cheap Car Insurance in Kansas for High-Risk Drivers

Auto insurance companies use the term ‘high risk’ to describe drivers who are inclined to be reckless and are therefore more likely to make a claim against their auto insurance policy.

Offenses that may lead to being considered a high-risk driver include:

  • Receiving a DUI conviction.
  • Reckless driving.
  • Speeding tickets.
  • Driving without meeting the minimum liability coverage requirements.
  • A poor credit history.
  • Unpaid insurance policy premiums.

If you are a high-risk driver, Kansas car insurance companies are likely to increase the cost of your insurance.

Dairyland is the cheapest auto insurance company for high-risk drivers with average rates of $167.80 per month.

Cheap Auto Insurance for Bad Drivers in Kansas (DUI, Traffic Tickets)

ProviderJohnson CountySedgwick CountyShawnee CountyWyandotte CountyDouglas CountyAverage

Cheapest Car Insurance in Kansas for Young Drivers

Young drivers are, by default, less experienced than older drivers. Their inexperience poses a higher risk to insurance companies, so their car insurance is often more expensive.

We’ve compared the cost of car insurance for young drivers to help you save on auto insurance costs. The cheapest option for young drivers is offered by CSAA at a cost of $209.33 on average per month.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Kansas 
ProviderJohnson CountySedgwick CountyShawnee CountyWyandotte CountyDouglas CountyAverage
Bristol West$361.00$371.00$370.00$435.00$366.00$380.60
The General$429.00$458.00$330.00$380.00$334.00$386.20

Out-of-State Car Insurance

Although your car insurance policy will cover you for short trips out of state, you cannot live in one state and buy car insurance in another. The best solution is to purchase car insurance in the state in which you spend most of your time.

For short road trips of a few days or weeks, almost all car insurance policies will cover you anywhere in the U.S., regardless of how far you travel.

If you drive across international borders or move to another state, you should inform your car insurance company, unless your current insurance provider offers insurance in the new state.

Although the grace period varies from one insurer to another, you usually have 30 to 90 days to cancel your car insurance and get car insurance in your new state.

To find the best insurance rates in other U.S. states, read our articles below:

Top Tips for Finding Affordable Car Insurance

Choose the right cover

A policy that offers only the minimum amount of liability protection may save you money, but it may not cover claims arising from serious accidents that involve property damage or injuries.

Minimum liability coverage, for example, does not include collision coverage—which is a kind of insurance that pays to fix damages to your car after an accident.

Everybody’s insurance needs are different. For instance, if you’re leasing a car, you may need gap insurance. If the car is totaled, gap insurance covers the difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle and the outstanding balance on your lease.

This is why it’s a good idea to identify your risks and ensure you choose the best cover for your pocket and needs.

Consider how you use your car

If you only drive to get to work, the grocery store, and social events, then most types of standard car insurance will meet your needs.

If, however, you have unique needs, you should check whether your car insurance company covers these requirements. Unique needs can include:

  • Multiple drivers sharing one car.
  • Using your car for ridesharing.
  • Using your car for deliveries.
  • Wanting to consolidate all of your insurance policies under one provider.

Compare quotes from different car insurance companies

Even if you think you’ve found a good deal on car insurance, it’s always a good idea to shop around for a lower rate.

You can do this yourself, but going through an insurance agent can save you time and money.

The only way to be completely certain that you’re getting the best rates on your car insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurers.

You can do this yourself, but it is time-consuming. You’ll need to phone each car insurance company or fill out an online form for them to give you a quote.

To save time, you can go through a licensed insurance agent or compare quotes from different insurance providers by using’s online quote finder.

All you have to do is enter your zip code at the top of this page to find a customized car insurance quote for your needs and budget.

Top Car Insurance Companies in Kansas


CSAA Insurance was founded in 1914 to provide financial protection from auto accidents. The company is an AAA insurer, so in order to obtain insurance from CSAA, you will need to be an AAA member.

CSAA provides coverage to its members throughout 23 states and offers a robust mobile app, a reputable emergency roadside service, and discounts.

Some of the discounts offered include:

  • Multiple-product discount.
  • Pay-in-full discount.
  • Defensive driving discount.
  • A good student discount.

Bristol West

Founded in 1973, Bristol West’s national footprint makes it one of the top ten biggest insurance companies in the U.S.

Bristol West was originally created to provide high-risk drivers with affordable insurance policies and has since expanded its services to all types of drivers.

Some of the benefits offered by Bristol West include:

  • Multiple policy bundling discounts.
  • Personalized car insurance policies.
  • Rideshare coverage.
  • Medical payments.
  • Gap coverage.
  • Towing and roadside assistance.

Car Insurance in Kansas FAQs

Is car insurance required in Kansas?

Yes, all drivers must carry the required minimum amounts of car insurance to legally operate a vehicle in Kansas. This also includes:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP).
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for accidents with drivers that don’t have car insurance or enough car insurance to pay for damages.

What are the penalties for driving a car in Kansas without car insurance?

If you drive without insurance in Kansas, it is a class B misdemeanor. Fines can range from $300 to $2,500, depending on the severity of the scenario in which you are caught driving uninsured.

Penalties can range from the suspension of your license and registration, to imprisonment.

How can I get affordable car insurance in Kansas?

To get affordable car insurance rates we recommend that you:

  • Ask for different car insurance discounts.
  • Compare quotes from different auto insurance companies.

What is the best car insurance company in Kansas?

The best insurance company may not have the cheapest car insurance rates, but may excel in another important area for you.

When choosing auto insurance, consider what is most important to you—such as price, coverage offerings, or available discounts.

When should I get car insurance in Kansas?

If you’ve just moved or are preparing to leave for Kansas, make sure to secure auto insurance with a company that operates in the state. It’s also important to buy an insurance policy when you get a new car.

How Do I Find Cheap Auto Insurance in Kansas?

To find the cheapest car insurance in Kansas, we recommend comparing insurance quotes from a number of companies.

This can be a time-consuming process, so why not let us help you find the best deals? You can do this by simply entering your zip code at the top of this page.

Whether you were born and raised in the great state of Kansas, or you just moved here yesterday, you’re going to need car insurance. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get it. For cheap car insurance that will cover all of your basic needs, get a free quote from Cheap Insurance.

Quick Kansas Car Insurance Facts

All Kansas drivers need car insurance. There’s no way around it. Here are some quick facts about car insurance in Kansas: 

  • The average 12-month car insurance premium for Kansas registered vehicles is $1,427.
  • Kansas does not use a points system against driver’s licenses for traffic violations. Instead, any individual convicted of three major traffic violations in a 12-month period will automatically have their driver’s license either revoked or suspended.
  • The state of Kansas does not require drivers to have collision or comprehensive coverage. 
  • Estimated annual miles Kansans drive: 29,787,177,000. 
  • Occupants who use seat belts decreased injury by 30.6%. 
  • 26% of accidents in the state are caused by inattentiveness.

Minimum Kansas Car Insurance Coverage

It’s important to have insurance to ensure that you are protected in the event of a car accident. However, you may be overpaying for protection that you don’t really need. Cheap Insurance is a licensed car insurance broker that helps you cover all of the basics without overpaying for more. 

Kansas state law requires that drivers have a few major types of coverage: bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection (PIP or no-fault), and uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. 

Let’s examine the minimum requirements for auto insurance according to Kansas state law in more detail: 

Liability Coverage: 

  • Mandatory minimum bodily injury coverage per individual in Kansas is $25,000.
  • Mandatory minimum bodily injury coverage per accident in Kansas is $50,000.
  • Mandatory minimum property damage coverage per accident in Kansas is $25,000.


Personal Injury Protection:

  • $4,500/person for medical expenses
  • $900/month for one year for disability/loss of income
  • $25/day for in-home services
  • $2,000 for funeral, burial, or cremation expenses
  • $4,500 for rehabilitation expenses


Uninsured Motorist Protection:

  • $25,000/person
  • $50,000/accident

Getting Cheap Car Insurance In Kansas

You know you don’t want to overpay, but how do you go about actually getting cheap car insurance? It’s not as hard as you might imagine. Here are our insider tips to getting car insurance coverage that won’t burn a hole in your wallet:

  1. Start with the minimum: Understanding your state’s minimum requirements will help to find car insurance that will legally allow you to drive while cutting out the fluff. 
  2. Do your homework: Don’t just go with the first car insurance provider you find on Google. Research many different companies and their rates to find the best price.
  3. Drive safe: A history of car accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs will negatively impact your car insurance rate. Drive safely and defensively to qualify for more competitive rates.

Kansas Car Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies and states offer discounts to military personnel, government employees, and students with good grades. Here are some discounts you may qualify for in the state of Kansas: 

  • Good Driver: Drivers in Kansas who have clean driving records for the past three to five years qualify for lower rates. 
  • Good Student: Teens and students under 25 with good academic records may qualify for a discount.
  • Defensive Driving Discount: In Kansas, drivers who willingly complete a defensive driving course can get up to 5% off on their insurance.


What is the average car insurance cost in Kansas?

For a minimum liability policy, the average cost is $583 per year. For a full coverage policy, the average cost is $2,043 per year.

How much is car insurance per month in Kansas?

For a minimum liability policy, the average cost is $49 per month. For a full coverage policy, the average cost is $170 per month.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Kansas?

Driving without insurance is a class B misdemeanor that can come with a fine of up to $1,000 and six months in jail for a first offense. Repeated offenses are classified as class A misdemeanors and can come with higher fines, longer jail time, and the loss of one’s driver’s license.

What is driving like in Kansas?

About 10.9% of Kansas drivers were uninsured as of 2019. That same year, Kansas experienced 361 fatal car crashes, 13,353 crashes that caused injury, and 51,205 crashes that only caused property damage.

How can I save money on my car insurance policy in Kansas?

There are tons of ways to save money on your insurance policy. Here are just a few to get you started: 

  • Talk to your car insurance provider about insuring more than one vehicle for multi-car discounts.
  • Figure out which discounts you qualify for. 
  • See if your car insurance provider gives discounts for having safety features installed in your car. 
  • Find out if payment installment plans are available. 
  • Learn about increasing your deductibles to decrease your premium. Based on your situation, this could be right for you. 


How do I register my car in Kansas? Kansas titling and registration services are processed at the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. Be sure to bring a copy of a passed Motor Vehicle Examination inspection and proof of insurance. Property taxes may apply, and vary by county.

Other Types of Coverage

While you must have the minimum state-required coverage to drive, some other types of coverage might be good for you to have. Here are a few different options: 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UMC)/Underinsured Motorist coverage (UIM)

Medical Payments Coverage

Physical Damage Coverage

Additional kinds of coverage 

Endorsements and Riders

  • Towing and road service
  • Rental car reimbursement 
  • Gap insurance 

Cities We Cover In Kansas

Cheap car insurance isn’t a dream, it’s a possibility for you and your family. Cheap Insurance offers affordable coverage for motorists in Kansas. You may be able to get cheap insurance coverage if you live in one of the following cities: