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Driving in Kansas

Because rates are on the rise, we recommend that consumers explore as many options for cheap car insurance Kansas can offer. Despite having a relatively low population, the recent economic troubles have led to some very unpredictable insurance pricing. Population changes, unemployment rates, and crime rates all play a factor in pricing, as does traffic and driving conditions/patterns.

Here is an example of information that insurance companies use to calculate rates:

Estimated annual miles Kansans drive: 29,787,177,000; Occupants who use seat belts decreased injury by 30.6%; 26% of accidents in the state are caused by inattentiveness.

We believe that the more consumers know, the smarter they can shop.


Insurance Facts

The average 12-month car insurance premium for Kansas registered vehicles as of December, 2011 was $1,212.

Kansas does not use a points system against driver’s licenses for traffic violations. Instead, any individual convicted of 3 major traffic violations in a 12-month period will automatically have their driver’s license either revoked or suspended.

Car Insurance in Kansas Requirements

Did you know?

Helpful Resources

DMV website

Most vehicle processes are overseen by the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles.

Registration Information

Kansas titling and registration services are processed at the county treasurer’s motor vehicle office. A map of each county’s office with contact information may be found here.

Be sure to bring a copy of a passed Motor Vehicle Examination inspection and proof of insurance. Property taxes may apply, and vary by county.

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Average Annual Premiums in Kansas = $1,410 | via Insure.com