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Driving in Alaska

Alaska has become 8th in the Nation for overall income and it’s rumored that there are more huskies than registered cars in the state. While we may not be able to help you insure your dogsled, we pride ourselves in finding all the available options for cheap Car insurance Alaska can offer.

Driving Conditions

Alaska has some of the harshest driving conditions in the United States. The sheer scope and size of this state make road maintenance a major undertaking. With extreme weather conditions and active wildlife, collisions are common. Additionally, snow crews do not use salt on the roads because it attracts wildlife such as bears and moose, which would lead to more collisions.

Insurance Facts

Because of the isolated nature of many Alaskan communities, there are numerous areas that have exemptions to vehicle registration and insurance requirements. A full list of the exempted areas may be found here.

Alaska’s provisional licensing requirements require underage drivers to submit proof that at least 10 of their 40 required hours of supervised driving occurred in challenging circumstances, such as inclement weather or nighttime driving.

State Car Insurance Requirements

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Helpful Resources

DMV Website

The Alaska Department of Administration maintains the Division of Motor Vehicles is responsible for most auto-related matters.

Registration Information

Registration is obtained through the Division of Motor Vehicles and lasts for a 2-year period. Registration must be filed within 10 days of entering the state. Non-residents using a car registered out-of-state must register within 60 days.

Vehicle information

If you’re shopping for a new or used vehicle, be sure to visit the IIHS page where you can view safety ratings and some recall information. Insurance companies use this data when determining how to rate vehicles, so the more information you have the better. Call our experts to know more about car insurance in Alaska.

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