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Oregon is a state of green grass, beauty and mountains. It can be in the form of a large city or a small country town. But everyone who lives in Oregon understands the importance of the state they love so much. Oregon is one of the most geographically diverse states in all of the United States. It is made up of volcanic mountain ranges, beaches, and high desert landscapes. It is one of the three states to border the Pacific Ocean. Many wonderful cities such as Portland, Ashland and Bend are unique and known for being great tourist destinations. Oregon is known for growing hay, other forms of agriculture, fishing and hydroelectric power. Oregon only has around 2.5 million people and is the 33rd largest state out of the 50. When you visit Oregon you will notice that at gas stations, you have an attendant you pumps gas for you. This is just one unique part about living in the state that sets it apart from others. If you are looking to settle down in Oregon, you will find affordable housing and a lush environment. Oregon is rural and artsy and fun all at the same time. Get the most for your money living here by attaining cheap car insurance Oregon residents need.


Oregon Facts

Car Insurance in Oregon

Car insurance in Oregon is mandatory and that means every driver needs it. When you use a vehicle in Oregon you must have a valid drivers license and current registration as well. Most of the time, drivers choose to carry more than just the minimum amount of car insurance. Get the cheap car insurance Oregon drivers want. When you live in a state like Oregon, you may commute miles and miles to work. In the larger cities cars may not even be useful. But for most of the state, having a car or a truck is a way of life.

The state of Oregon requires all drivers to carry the following coverage on their insurance:
Bodily Injury liability:
Property Damage liability:

Additional coverage requirements:

Discounts you could qualify for:

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