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Wyoming, Michigan is know for being Grand Rapids’ largest suburb, with a population of around 72,000 residents. The city has had constant population growth since 1890, which means insurance rates have just kept going up! If you’ve seen an increase in your premium in recent years, we highly recommend you look over all the options for cheap insurance Wyoming agents can offer. Comparing quotes from a number of competing companies is the best way to save money.

Because so many of Wyoming’s residents commute out to Grand Rapids each morning, there are a number of public transportation options that service the city. These include bus and light rail, and the city just earned additional federal funds to expand these options. If there ever comes a day when all of Wyoming’s residents can leave their cars at home on their daily commute, then insurance prices will hit an all-time low. Your annual mileage is one of the biggest contributing factors to the price you pay.

Crime rates play a part in insurance prices as well. Particular DUI statistics and property crime rates. For example, there were 144 cars stolen in 2011 and almost 1,000 total thefts. Both of these statistics affect auto insurance and homeowners/renters insurance rates.

Population density, demographic data, traffic patters, commute length, etc. all affect the base rates for your city, so insurance companies are constantly analyzing new data. This is especially true of larger urban areas like the Grand Rapids MSA. If you are thinking of moving, be sure to get quotes for a number of different zip codes so you can see how these factors affect prices.