From sunshine and surfboards, to starlets and snowboards, California is all about the good times. We work hard, and play even harder. Living in the sunshine state isn’t cheap, but when it comes time to purchase protection for you and your car, there is a way to get cheap car insurance California-style.

California is a unique state with everything from large, bustling cities, to desolate agricultural small towns. In every corner of this state, one can find cars. From classic car shows, to the family minivan, every person has their own style and appeal when it comes to choosing a vehicle.

From the commuters in Los Angeles, to the haulers on Interstate 5, we need our cars. This vast state just wouldn’t be the same without them. Cheap car insurance is easy and painless when you talk to one of our helpful representatives.

Our Agency

Cheap Insurance started as an agency serving California drivers in 1974. Way back when life was simpler, The Beach Boys were on every station, and the smallest computer was the size of a typewriter. Our focus then is the same as it is now. We help you find the best possible car insurance coverage for the least possible amount of money for all drivers, regardless of their driving record. This means drivers who have a spotless record, to those who have had a DUI. Yes, we can even find you insurance after your license has been revoked.

For many drivers, safety is a main priority. Whether it is because your new teenage driver just purchased their first car, or because you are expecting a new family member, and the sports car just won’t do anymore. We can find you insurance. Changing vehicles? Changing drivers? Do you want to up your premium or lower your deductible? We are here to help.

You can read on to find out even more about cheap car insurance in California. Otherwise, do it California-style and jump right in the water and get a quote now, by either clicking on the quote button above, or by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on your home city.

What To Expect

When purchasing insurance in the state of California, you will need the minimum coverage. Here is what that includes:
The above requirements do not protect you and your own vehicle. They only cover the costs of the other party involved in an accident. For you and your own vehicle to be covered, you will need more.

Here are some other options:

Enter your Zip Code and get a

Cheap Car Insurance California Facts

DMV Website

DUI’s in California

Did you know?

What To Have In Your Vehicle

If in the case of an accident or even if you get pulled over for speeding you should always have the following items in your car or on your person:

What To Do Next

You can choose to either get a quote online by using our helpful website, or you can call to talk with a representative.

If you choose to get an instant quote you must first choose your product (auto insurance).

Then, enter your zip code so that we can figure out where in the state of California you live. This will help us determine your premium.

Answer a few basic questions for us and you are almost ready to go!

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If you have more questions and would like help saving even more money, give us a call at (800) 486-1866 today!

We have taken the hassle out of purchasing insurance. We can offer you information on the insurance company of your choice. Our highly trained professional are available to help you Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM.

Purchasing Tips

Here are a few things you can do to have an easier time with your insurance purchase and car purchase.

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