Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

Here are’s top picks for the cheapest car insurance in Florida

Car insurance in Florida is a must if you’re planning to own and drive a vehicle in the sunshine state. However, prices for auto insurance vary between insurance companies and you can end up paying a lot more each month for insurance.

This is why we’ve conducted research into car insurance prices for the five largest counties by population in Florida and looked at the costs of auto insurance policies for Florida drivers.

Read our guide to learn what you can expect to pay for different types of auto insurance in Florida, and how to find the best affordable car insurance.

Sunshine & Updates: Navigating Florida Roads & Insurance in 2024

Get ready to cruise the Sunshine State with these essential updates for 2024:

Florida Vehicle Code Changes:

  • Texting while driving ban expands: As of October 1st, 2024, sending or receiving text messages while driving becomes illegal, even with a hands-free device. (Source: Florida Senate Bill 396)
  • Increased penalties for driving without insurance: Expect harsher fines and potential vehicle impoundment for driving without valid auto insurance. (Source: Florida Statute 627.728)
  • Updated motorcycle lane splitting regulations: Clarification on allowed lane positioning and speed differences for motorcycles in slow-moving traffic. (Source: Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles)

Reported Monthly Auto Insurance Rates in Florida (2024):

(Sources: Policygenius, NerdWallet)


Minimum Coverage

Full Coverage

State Farm















Remember: Florida has some of the nation’s highest vehicle insurance rates due to factors like hurricanes, fraud, and uninsured drivers. Individual rates can vary significantly based on driving history, location, and vehicle type.

Cheapest Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Florida

Minimum liability car insurance is the least amount of insurance you need to have according to Florida’s state laws. These plans are for the lowest car insurance rates Florida drivers can buy but they only cover personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL).

Based on our research, we found that the average cost of minimum car insurance in Florida was around $2,072 per year and $173 per month.

The best inexpensive car insurance option we found in 2023 was from GEICO, with a quote of $58 per month for minimum liability coverage. Another strong contender was State Farm with average monthly rates of $114.

ProviderAverage Monthly PriceMonthly Price in Miami-Dade CountyMonthly Cost in Broward CountyMonthly cost in Palm Beach CountyMonthly cost in Hillsborough CountyMonthly cost in Orange County
State Farm$114$120$117.58$118.33$110$105

Key Point: Does Minimum Liability Insurance or Minimum Coverage Vary from State to State?

Yes, every state has its own laws regarding minimum liability insurance. Every four-wheeled vehicle needs to have car insurance in Florida before you can legally drive it.

Florida has one of the lowest minimum liability insurance requirements in the U.S.,

and you’ll need to have at least $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) and property damage liability (PDL) insurance.

Affordable Full Coverage Car Insurance in Florida

Full coverage car insurance is more expensive than minimum liability insurance. However, as the name suggests, it offers more insurance coverage options.

A full coverage auto insurance policy will cover damages caused by accidents to other vehicles as well as your own.

In Florida, the most affordable full coverage car insurance we found was offered by Direct Auto for an average monthly premium of $228.

Here are some of our other top picks for the cheapest full coverage car insurance in Florida from 2023:

ProviderAverage Monthly PriceMonthly Price in Miami-Dade CountyMonthly Cost in Broward CountyMonthly cost in Palm Beach CountyMonthly cost in Hillsborough CountyMonthly cost in Orange County
State Farm$234.91$347.25$199$215$250$163.30
Direct Auto$422.43$719.95$462$340$362.19$228

Key Point: How Can I Lower My Car Insurance Rates for Full Coverage Insurance?

There are a couple of ways that you can ensure cheap auto insurance.

  • Most insurance companies offer a bundling option, which allows you to combine your auto insurance with other products such as home insurance, life insurance, and other car insurance policies you have.
  • Another option is to increase your auto insurance deductible. This is the amount of money you would have to pay out-of-pocket before your insurance would kick in. By increasing your deductible, you are essentially taking on more risk, but you can save significantly on your monthly premium.

Cheapest Automobile Insurance for Bad Drivers (DUI, Traffic Ticket) in Florida

Unfortunately, people who don’t have a clean driving history will pay more for automobile insurance, and depending on your record you might have to pay up to double the normal price for people in your age group.

Some common reasons that cause people to be labeled as bad drivers include:

  • Speeding tickets
  • At-fault accidents
  • DUI/ DWI

Our research found that GEICO offered the most affordable car insurance for a person with a bad driving history in Florida, with an average monthly car insurance premium of $261. Here are more car insurance quotes in Florida:

ProviderAverage Monthly PriceMonthly Price in Miami-Dade CountyMonthly Cost in Broward CountyMonthly cost in Palm Beach CountyMonthly cost in Hillsborough CountyMonthly cost in Orange County
State Farm$313$418$215$410$200$320
The General$418.98$504.97$444.24$382.03$290.03$473.65

Cheapest Auto Insurance for Good Drivers (Clean Driving Records) in Florida

A clean driving record can make a big impact on the amount you pay for car insurance. Insurance companies will look at your driving record for the last five years and check for traffic violations such as DUIs, speeding tickets, or SR-22 filings. This can secure you inexpensive auto insurance.

Our research found the most affordable auto insurance for good drivers to be from GEICO, charging an average of $135 per month across the five areas we’ve looked at. The car insurance company that achieved a strong second place was State Farm with an average monthly premium of $177.

ProviderAverage Monthly PriceMonthly Price in Miami-Dade CountyMonthly Cost in Broward CountyMonthly cost in Palm Beach CountyMonthly cost in Hillsborough CountyMonthly cost in Orange County
State Farm$177$260$117.58$220$187$100
The General$295N/AN/A$369.05$267.53$248.41

Inexpensive Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Florida

Young drivers will generally pay more for car insurance, because statistically they are considered a higher risk for auto insurance companies.

The average cost of insurance for a young driver according to our research was around $1,975 per year. This is approximately $320 more than an adult driver, who would pay $1,655 for car insurance.

Automobile insurance companies consider anyone between the ages of 16 and 25 as a young driver, and they charge higher premiums on insurance for teenagers compared to people in their twenties.

Here’s a breakdown of the cheapest auto insurance quotes for young Florida drivers in the five most populated counties in Florida.

ProviderAverage Monthly PriceMonthly Price in Miami-Dade CountyMonthly Cost in Broward CountyMonthly cost in Palm Beach CountyMonthly cost in Hillsborough CountyMonthly cost in Orange County
State Farm$550$650$605$570$445$480

Key Point: What Does “No-Fault” Liability Mean?

No-Fault Liability is an insurance principle that states that each party must pay for damage to their own vehicles, regardless of who caused the accident.

With Fault Liability, the person who is responsible for causing an accident is responsible for the costs of repairs. This means you’ll need to get enough coverage to ensure that your car can be repaired or replaced if you’re involved in an accident.

Florida is one of 12 states in the U.S. that follows the No-Fault Liability principle. The others are Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

Cheap Car Insurance Companies in Other States

If you’re looking for cheap auto insurance for other states, take a look at our other guides to find the best car insurance options. You can also use our auto insurance quote finder to find specific quotes in your county.



New York

Top Car Insurance Companies in Florida


GEICO is a leading U.S. car insurance company that offers a wide range of car insurance coverage options, including liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage.

In addition to car insurance, GEICO also provides homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and life insurance. With over 18 million auto policyholders, GEICO is a popular choice for those looking for car insurance.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

2. State Farm

State Farm is one of the most trusted car insurance providers in the U.S. With more than 80 years of experience and a commitment to customer service, State Farm has become one of the leading names in auto insurance.

Their wide range of offerings includes car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and even health insurance.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

3. Progressive

If you are looking for an auto insurance company with a long history and many different coverage options, Progressive may be the right choice for you.

The company was founded in 1937 and has since become one of the largest insurers in the U.S. that offers automobile insurance coverage.

Progressive offers both business liability and vehicle insurance and has around 18 million customers.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

4.  Allstate

Allstate has been in the insurance industry since 1931 and remains one of America’s most trusted insurers. They provide auto, home, and term life insurance to customers who want simple policies, affordable rates, and excellent service.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

5. The General

The General is an auto insurance provider that operates in multiple states across the U.S. The company was originally founded in 1963 and specializes in car insurance for high-risk drivers and SR-22 insurance plans.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: A+

Average Car Insurance Costs in Different Parts of Florida

Car insurance providers calculate car insurance rates depending on a variety of factors, one of which is the vehicle’s location.

Here are the average annual prices for auto insurance within some of the largest Florida cities:

CityMonthly Price
St. Petersburg$2,662
West Palm Beach$3,101
Average Cost$2,613

Tips for Choosing Auto Insurance in Florida

Licensing: Make sure that the insurance company you’re working with is licensed to do business in the state of Florida. You can check this easily enough by visiting the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation’s website.

Costs and benefits: Monthly auto insurance rates are a big consideration when choosing car insurance. Along with the cost of your car insurance premiums, you should also look at the benefits and coverage that companies will offer you.

In some cases, if you have other policies with the same insurance company, you may be able to get a discounted car insurance rate by bundling them on your car insurance policy. This helps with finding low priced car insurance.

Figure out how much coverage you need: When going over your insurance options, it’s important to figure out what you’d like to insure your car against. In some cases, if you have a vehicle that is worth less than $4000, you might need minimum liability coverage. However, if you’ve bought a new vehicle, you’ll want to consider affordable full coverage auto insurance.

Future financial stability: It’s important to do research on the company you’re going to buy insurance through. You can also speak to a licensed insurance agent or broker to get an informed opinion about your preferred insurance company.

Florida Car Insurance FAQs

What is considered full coverage car insurance in Florida?

In Florida, minimum liability insurance is required by law. However, many drivers choose to purchase additional coverage beyond the state minimum. This is what’s known as full coverage auto insurance, which includes bodily injury liability, as well as comprehensive and collision coverage.

Do I need a Florida driver’s license to register a car in Florida?

Yes, to register a car in the state of Florida, you must have a valid driver’s license from the state. You will also need to show proof of car insurance. If you do not have a Florida driver’s license, you can get a temporary one. However, you will have only 30 days to get a permanent license.

Can I register a car in Florida with an out-of-state license?

Yes, you can register a car in Florida with an out-of-state driver’s license as long as you have auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum requirements.

To register your car, you will need to provide proof of automobile insurance, your current driver’s license, and your car’s title or registration papers. You may also need to provide additional information depending on the specific requirements of your local DMV office.

Does Florida require stacked insurance?

In the state of Florida, car insurance companies are not required to offer stacked insurance coverage. These policies allow policyholders to increase the amount of coverage they have in the event of an accident.

However, many insurers do offer this coverage as an option, and it can be a valuable form of protection for drivers.

What is the minimum personal injury protection (PIP) coverage in Florida?

The minimum amount of PIP coverage that car insurance companies must offer in Florida is $10,000. PIP coverage helps to pay for medical expenses and lost wages if you are injured in a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. In the state of Florida, car insurance companies must include personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as part of their standard car insurance policies.


Cheap Insurance strives to keep all listed information accurate and up-to-date. The information we provide shouldn’t be considered as the price or amount you will pay for any form of insurance provided by the auto insurance companies discussed on the website. All information displayed on this website is presented without warranty and is non-binding. Visitors to the website should contact, their insurance broker, or their financial provider for final pricing, offers, and quotes.


Our researchers sourced insurance quotes from auto insurance companies that operate in the regions we investigated. We used a standardized base profile for each section to compare auto insurance offers. For the following sections:

  • Minimum Liability Car Insurance
  • Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance
  • Cheapest Car Insurance for Good Drivers (Clean Driving Records)
  • Cheap auto insurance for bad drivers

Base profile used:   Gender: Male    Marital Status: Married    Age: 32    Vehicle: The most popular sedan by sales in the state    Vehicle Year: 2017    Model Type: The most basic type/entry-level model.    Mileage: 12000 miles

  • Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Base profile used:   Marital Status: Single    Age: 20    Gender: Male    Vehicle: Drives the most popular sedan by sales in the state    Vehicle Year: 2017    Model Type: The most basic type/entry-level model.    Mileage: 12000 miles

Minimum Florida Car Insurance Coverage

Florida has one of the most straightforward mandatory auto insurance laws. Drivers are required to carry at least the following car insurance coverage:

  • Personal Injury Protection: $10,000 to cover 80% of your accident-related medical expenses and 60% of lost wages, regardless of who’s at fault.
  • Property Damage Liability: $10,000 for property damage caused by you or the person driving your insured vehicle.

Getting Cheap Car Insurance in Florida

Finding affordable car insurance in Florida is easier than you might think. Here are some tips to help you get excellent coverage that won’t break the bank:

  1. Start with the Minimum: Having PIP and PDL is often enough, especially if you’re a seasoned driver.
  2. Compare Car Insurance Providers: Shop around to see which insurer offers the best rate for the same coverage.
  3. Be a Defensive Driver: Do your best to avoid accidents—a clean driving history lets you save on premiums.
  4. Know What Discounts You Qualify For: Florida insurers usually offer discounts, so ask about these and see if you’re eligible for any.

Florida Auto Insurance Discounts

Florida doesn’t have state-mandated discounts. However, ask insurers about their programs, and they’ll give you several options for saving on premiums.


What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Florida?

It is illegal to drive without auto insurance in Florida. If you’re caught without it, your driving privileges and license plate may be suspended for up to three years.

You’ll have to pay a $150 reinstatement fee on the first offense and provide proof of your current insurance policy; otherwise, you lose driving privileges. Moreover, fines increase on subsequent violations to as much as $500.

What is driving like in Florida?

Roadways in the Sunshine State are generally busy because of Florida’s large population and popularity as a tourist spot. It’s not surprising that car accidents are pretty high. In 2019, there were a total of 401,867 crashes, with approximately 1,101 incidents per day.

Despite strict state laws on car insurance,one in five Florida drivers on the road has no coverage. The ratio is one of the country’s highest, putting you at risk against uninsured motorists.

How can I save money on my car insurance policy in Florida?

Below are some cost-saving tips for your policy:

  • Ask About Driver Discounts: Drivers with clean records, finished a safety driving course with at least a B average or agreed to have their driving monitored qualify for discounts.
  • Bundle with Other Policies: Insure multiple vehicles or get another policy type from the same insurance carrier to lower car insurance premiums.
  • Discover Possible Vehicle Discounts: A vehicle with anti-theft systems and advanced safety features will net you up to 30% in discounts on your vehicle insurance. 
  • Raise Deductibles: Pay lower car insurance premiums when you request a higher deductible, or the portion you’ll pay out of pocket before your comprehensive or collision coverage kicks in.
  • Adjust Billing and Payment Arrangements: Save more when you settle in full, set up automatic payments or paperless billing, or pay online.

Who has the best affordable car insurance in Florida?

Year after year, cheap car insurance for Florida drivers is hard to find. Cheap insurance in Florida is tough to find because of the state’s harsh storm season, many uninsured or underinsured motorists, and a large elder population most insurers regard as risky. Always good to shop for affordable auto insurance quotes to make sure you are paying the right price for you car insurance

Car insurance costs tend to be lower for drivers in their 30s, 40s, and early 50s. Female drivers in Florida usually pay slightly less than male drivers. Your insurer might offer you discount for car insurance in Florida if you have a spotless driving record and drive fewer miles.

Which county in Florida has the least expensive auto insurance?

On the hunt for cheap insurance, Florida drivers are often stunned to learn their state is one of the priciest. Cheap car insurance quotes Florida drivers want may be harder to find depending on where they live.

Counties like Miami-Dade and Broward have some of the highest rates due to traffic congestion and sometimes dangerous highways. Some stretches of Florida’s roads are notorious for fatal accidents.

Although affluent counties tend to have lower auto insurance rates nationwide, this is not always the case in Florida. Inland counties like Highlands and Hardee may offer cheap car insurance compared to metro areas.

Why is Florida car insurance so expensive?

Florida car insurance is some of the most expensive in the United States—often the most expensive. The cheap insurance Florida drivers want may be out of reach depending on their driving record or even where they live.

Auto insurance in Florida is very expensive for several reasons. The state has a high population and many older drivers, who insurers consider risky. Plus, experts estimate that millions of Florida adults choose to drive without insurance.

Uncovering cheap car insurance quotes Florida locals can use is easier to do when you go online and shop for cheap auto insurance quotes. This lets you compare quotes from many companies faster.

Who has the best car insurance rates in Florida?

The Sunshine State may have some of the best winter weather in the country, but Florida ranks dead last when it comes to the best car insurance quotes. Although figures vary from year to year, Florida often has the most expensive car insurance. Getting cheap insurance in Florida can be a challenge.

Since so many brands claim to offer the best and most affordable car insurance in Florida, the easiest way to get cheap auto insurance in Florida is to compare car insurance quotes online. This gets you the best insurance available right now. It also saves you time searching.

Other Types of Coverage

In addition to PIP and PDL, below are some additional types of coverage you may want to consider:

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UMC)/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (UIM): Covers the damages you and your passengers sustain when an uninsured or underinsured motorist hits you or your vehicle. 
  • Medical Payments Coverage: Pays for car accident-related medical expenses for you, your relatives, and passengers beyond the PIP coverage.
  • Physical Damage Coverage: Includes collision and comprehensive insurance, wherein the insurer pays for repairs or replacement when your vehicle gets damaged in an accident or due to other reasons.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: Covers the other party’s injury-related expenses in an accident caused by you or family members living with you. It pays for legal expenses when you’re sued for personal injury.

Endorsements and Riders

  • Towing and Road Service: Covers emergency towing and roadside repairs.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement: Pays for rental car cost or transportation expenses during vehicle repairs.
  • Gap Insurance: Covers the difference between your vehicle’s market value and the amount owed when it gets totaled or badly damaged during an accident.