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Athens-Clarke County

Athens experienced a population boom at the turn of the century, and now has almost 20,000 residents. Added to the mix are some 40,000 students who attend the University of Georgia. The city’s beautiful tree-lined streets, college atmosphere, and low cost of living all contribute to making it a highly desirable place to live. Part of the low cost of living extends to the average price for auto insurance. Residents who take the time to compare the numerous options for cheap insurance Athens can offer usually find that they can lower their rates!

Fun facts about Athens:

  • Athens has a notable music scene which has produced a number of successful acts, such as Danger Mouse, Neutral Milk Hotel, and R.E.M.
  • A number of films have been shot in Athens, as well as some TV shows.
  • Downtown sees the most traffic, but because there are so many major thoroughfares going through the city, there are plenty of alternate routes. This goes a long way toward lowering the traffic accident risk.
  • While the average crime rate sits right at the national average, property crimes are a bit lower, which also helps to reduce auto insurance rates. The less cars that are stolen in a city, the better your rates for comprehensive coverage.
  • On days when UGA is playing, traffic can get really bad around the arena, which is one thing residents have to keep in mind. Coupled with the partying that goes along with college sports, you might see an uptick in DUI rates, as well as traffic accidents.