An SR-22 filing is often required for high-risk drivers. When a driver loses their license due to a DUI, traffic violation, or other driving-related issue, they may need an SR-22 to get their license reinstated. 

An SR-22 is a certificate that shows that you meet your state’s minimum insurance requirements. You can get an SR-22 from an auto insurance provider. However, not all insurers offer them, since they are only needed for high-risk drivers. Some insurance companies do not want to insure these types of drivers. 

An SR-22 filing typically costs under $50. However, an SR-22 can cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket. Expect to pay hundreds more per month.

What is an SR-22 Filing in Insurance?

An SR-22 filing is commonly known as an insurance policy, but it is not. Rather, it is a form added to your auto insurance policy. It is a certificate that proves financial responsibility. By filing an SR-22 with your insurance company, you are showing that you are carrying the minimum amount of auto insurance at all times.

What is an SR-22 Filing Case Number?

Your SR-22 filing case number is an identifier that helps you reinstate your license. When you apply to get your driver’s license reinstated, you will need to have your case number handy. Without this case number, you may experience delays and see unexpected variations in your insurance premium. Depending on your state of residence, you may be able to find your case number online. 

Now that you know what an SR-22 filing is, you can follow your state’s laws and drive on the road with the proper amount of insurance.

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