Title: President | Owner

Fausto, the President and Owner of CheapInsurance.com since 2005, is a trusted and credible authority in the insurance industry.

With an MBA in Marketing from the University of La Verne and a license as an insurance broker in the State of California, Fausto brings extensive knowledge and expertise to his role.

Having a strong background in the automotive industry and car insurance, Fausto understands the unique challenges that customers face when insuring their vehicles. 

His primary goal at CheapInsurance.com is to educate customers about car insurance and guide them in finding the ideal coverage at the most affordable price.

Fausto’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond education. He is deeply committed to ensuring that CheapInsurance.com represents customers fairly and connects them with reputable insurance carriers who can reliably meet their individual needs.

With a passion for marketing, Fausto utilizes his skills and experience to effectively link customers with outstanding insurance carriers. 

By sharing his wealth of knowledge and expertise, he empowers customers to make informed decisions and confidently navigate the complexities of car insurance.

When you choose CheapInsurance.com, you can trust that Fausto and his team will guide you toward the best car insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind and protection on the road ahead.