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Driving in Mississippi

Mississippi residents have the lowest per-capita income of any state in the nation, but unfortunately this isn’t reflected in the state’s auto insurance premiums. Our research puts the average car insurance premium at around $100/month (for full coverage on a late-model Toyota). This has caused the rate of uninsured motorists to rise to almost 30% statewide. With an unemployment rate that has reached as high as 10% in recent years, every driver should explore every option for cheap insurance Mississippi companies can offer.
The best way to find the cheapest rates is to get as many quotes as you can before you make a decision. Also, be sure to ask about the following discounts:

Insurance Facts

Out of the 1.9 million registered drivers in the state, about 570,000 of them do not carry adequate insurance (or any). This makes purchasing uninsured motorist coverage highly recommended.

Mississippi state law requires any vehicle that spends a majority of it’s year in use, stored or garaged within state borders to carry a Mississippi motor vehicle registration.

State Car Insurance Requirements

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Helpful Resources

DMV website

Many vehicle matters are split among various departments in Mississippi. New registrations are handled by the local county Tax Collector, although renewals are handled by the State Department of Revenue. Driver licenses, moving infractions and enforcement are handled by the Department of Public Safety. The Mississippi DPS website may be found here.

Registration Information

New vehicle registrations are conducted at your local county Tax Collector’s office. New residents must register their vehicles within 30 days of becoming a resident.

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Average Annual Premiums in Mississippi = $1,502 | via Insure.com