Ultimate Motorcycle Insurance Guide

Motorcycle Insurance Resources This is actually a website promoting a law firm, however it has a clear and concise description of exactly what type of coverage a motorcyclist needs without any bias or promotion of a particular Insurance company. CarInsurance.com To find information about motorcycle insurance type the word motorcycle where it says Search By Keyword and you will find unbiased information about the types of motorcycle insurance coverage. Motorcycle Resources From CycleTrader.com Offers the reader state specific insurance information and what to look for in quality coverage as well as links to get quotes. Progressive This site makes it very easy for you to customize your coverage based on the type of bike you ride, the type of riding you do and any accessories you may added. US Insurance Online This Better Business Bureau accredited web site is designed to make it easy to get many insurance quotes by simply entering your zip code and vehicle specifications once but be aware that a request for a quote or more information will lead to sales calls. Nationwide Gives you information about the types of insurance they offer, the advantages of their claims service and an easy way to determine the cost of your insurance based on the types of coverage you choose. Both Insurance and Safety Information Allstate Insurance Company The insurance information is specific to this company and so may not be the best first stop for facts about motorcycle coverage but the safety information is extensive and includes driving tips and includes driving tips as well as data about helmets and other safety gear. SafeCo Insurance Again the insurance information given here may be suspect but they also have a section about how to prepare for a ride and protect yourself during it. Safety resources Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Emphasizes that, for safety reasons, all bikers should ride within the limitations of their skills and gives information about where and when to find training courses as well as data about licensing and government regulations. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Reinforces the importance of making yourself visible to other drivers on the road and offers tips as to how best to do this also gives a ranking of helmets and other safety gear based in safety guidelines. CDC Motorcycle Safety Guide A state based fact sheet about accidents involving motorcycles including causes, deaths, types of injuries and economic effects. Motorcycle Safety Site Focuses on the importance of good maintenance to avoid accidents and features actual accident with comments added as to how they might have been avoided. Motorcycle Safety Resource Guide Put out by MotoSport.com this is perhaps the most comprehensive of the motorcycle safety sites, includes how to get proper training, the most effective safety equipment, how to stay visible on the road, tips on driving in inclement weather, equipment maintenance and much more. Bikerhiway Motorcycle Safety and Information Site Discusses skills and techniques needed to ride safely, the gear necessary to protect yourself while riding, results of safety studies and provides a list of links to other motorcycle safety resources. WebBikeWorld Safety Page Provides you with a list of training resources, a break down of riding clothing safety standards and an up to date data base of motorcycle safety news. The Ride This site, presented by Flames On My Tank, gives you a wealth of information about safe riding techniques including steering, passing, turning and dealing with rainy and windy conditions. Accidents Also put out by Flames On My Tank this web page focuses specifically helping the rider avoid the common causes of accidents, namely an inability to be seen easily by other drivers, incorrectly navigating intersections and faulty equipment, as well as providing a pre-ride safety checklist. Reflectivelyyours.com This is a web site mainly for the sale of reflective tapes, clothing and decals but it also offers you information as to how to use reflective gear for maximum visibility and safety.

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