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In the world of car insurance, Massachusetts has it easier than many states.

Car insurance Massachusetts drivers prefer is often less expensive than the national average. When they look for auto insurance quotes Massachusetts residents know they can get a terrific deal. 

Among all the U.S. states and Washington, DC, Massachusetts is ranked around #41 for auto insurance costs. It is in a prestigious club with states like Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. 

With such low premiums, it is not unusual to pay less than $1,300 for car insurance each year.

While you might pay $1,500 or more for full auto insurance, minimum insurance is highly affordable. Many motorists end up paying less than $40 a month when they decide to use minimum insurance. It’s also cheap to hold optional insurance that protects against unusual situations.

Still, you don’t want to accept the first car insurance quote you find. By understanding a little bit more about car insurance in Massachusetts, it’ll be much easier to uncover the best deal.

The few hours you spend now could save you hundreds in the long run.

Let’s take a closer look at the top Massachusetts car insurance questions that drivers like you have asked:

Massachusetts cheap car insurance

How Much Car Insurance Do You Need In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts doesn’t have any unusual types of car insurance coverage, but it does require more coverage than many states. Unlike some of its neighbors, Uninsured Motorist coverage is required and can’t be waived.

The minimum car insurance in Massachusetts includes:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $20,000 per individual, $40,000 per covered traffic event
  • Property Damage: $5,000 
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: Same amounts as Bodily Injury above 
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $8,000

Massachusetts is in the minority among the states in how auto accident claims are handled. As a “modified no fault” state, you always go to your insurer first rather than make a claim against the other driver’s insurance. Personal Injury Protection helps pay for your accident-related medical bills.

No fault car insurance makes it much easier to get funding as soon as possible for accident expenses. While it’s often associated with a higher monthly car insurance premium, Massachusetts has kept car insurance costs low.

But what does “modified” no fault mean? It means someone can be liable in a car accident if they are found 50% or more responsible for causing it. While your own insurer will always pay benefits for your personal injury, you can choose to pursue further damages from the driver who caused the accident.

It’s important to remember there are two kinds of PIP insurance in Massachusetts:

  • Policyholder Only: Only the person or people named as policyholders are covered
  • Household: Anyone else in your household is also covered, not just policyholders

For example, a married couple where both spouses are named as policyholders would benefit most from a “Policyholder Only” policy. But when Junior turns 16 and starts to learn how to drive, they might switch to a “Household” policy, since teen drivers generally don’t hold their own insurance until they are fully licensed.

How Can You Save Money On Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

You might qualify for discount car insurance in Massachusetts in the following ways:

  • Maintain a clear driving record and apply for a safe driver discount
  • Attend and pass a certified defensive driving course in your area
  • Install new safety features in your vehicle or buy a safer vehicle

Not all insurers offer all discounts, and some might offer special discounts that are even more unusual. As a rule, the best way to save money on car insurance Massachusetts allows is to start with the lowest price from a reputable insurer. Comparing car insurance quotes online helps you find a bargain.

What Happens If You Don’t Have Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

In  Massachusetts, driving without insurance is considered a Civil Motor Vehicle Infraction (CMVI). It is illegal to drive without car insurance and is even illegal not to have proof of insurance ready to present to a law enforcement officer.

If you drive without insurance in Massachusetts, you can be fined anything from $500 to $5,000. Your driver’s license may be suspended for a year. Your vehicle registration can also be suspended and plates confiscated.

You may face a sentence of up to one year of imprisonment. Repeat offenses lead to even harsher penalties.

Massachusetts car insurance companies are required to notify the state as soon as a policy lapses or gets closed. You will receive a notice within a few days requesting proof that a new policy has been opened.

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Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

For car insurance, Massachusetts drivers have a lot of low-cost options. Ranking in the bottom quarter of all U.S. states for car insurance costs, MA residents often spend less than the average American driver. Still, that doesn’t mean every Massachusetts car insurance company has good rates!

As a general rule, drivers in their 30s and 40s who have a clean driving record get the best insurance rates. Rates are often lower in suburban and rural areas with less population density and fewer accidents. By going online for auto insurance quotes Massachusetts motorists can save money no matter where they live.

What Is The Average Cost For Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

Considering the average costs of car insurance, Massachusetts motorists pay less than in many other states. Massachusetts car insurance costs are generally low, but they do vary depending on whether you hold full or minimum car insurance. Minimum car insurance often costs less than $500 per year.

Full car insurance in Massachusetts typically costs around $1,400 a year. When drivers are counted across all car insurance categories, the average price of car insurance in Massachusetts works out to less than $1,300 a year. Getting cheap auto insurance quotes Massachusetts drivers can use is much easier when you compare rates online.

What Is The Best Car Insurance In Massachusetts?

The best car insurance in Massachusetts depends on your specific needs. When saving money on car insurance, Massachusetts drivers often choose to hold only the minimum car insurance. This is the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts, but it doesn’t offer any extra protection for your costs after a car accident.

Wondering how to get the best car insurance in Massachusetts? Start by comparing several different auto insurance quotes Massachusetts companies offer. When you compare car insurance online, you will often discover different insurers charge different rates for the same policy protections. 

Seeing them all helps you get the best price!

How Much Is Car Insurance Per Month In Massachusetts?

Want to save more money on car insurance? The car insurance Massachusetts drivers choose is often far less expensive than in other states. With the right deal on a lower level of insurance protection, you could pay $40 a month for Massachusetts car insurance. Some drivers pay even less. 

Motorists can qualify for discount car insurance in Massachusetts by maintaining a clean driving record or taking a defensive driving class. But the easy way for anyone to save money is to compare auto insurance quotes Massachusetts firms offer online. This helps you see the best insurance price at a glance.