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Edmond has been growing over the past few decades, but it looks like that growth is finally tapering off. The city is largely a bedroom community for nearby Oklahoma City, but it has been recognized as one of the best suburban communities in the nation, and one of the best cities to relocate to. The city’s economy has expanded into tech, manufacturing, construction, education, and other industries, which has helped keep the unemployment rate low. Still, there are ways to save even more money if you are savvy. By comparing the options for cheap insurance Edmond can offer, you stand a good chance of lowering your auto insurance rates.

Quick facts about Edmond:

  • If you are one of the growing number of students and/or educators in the area, make sure you check to see if your insurance company gives you a discount. Good students (usually 3.0 GPA or higher) and drivers with a post-high school degree usually qualify for additional discounts on their policies.
  • Edmond enjoys an extremely low crime rate (less than half the national average). For example, there were only 47 cars stolen in 2012 and the city hasn’t broken 100 in over 12 years! This means that full coverage rates are probably lower than most of the surrounding larger cities.
  • Because of the city’s proximity to Oklahoma City, a large number of residents commute out of the city each day. This can sometimes lead to traffic congestion, but it also leads to higher rates. Especially if your daily commute is over 10 miles. The more you drive each year, the higher your rates for auto insurance will be.