When you buy a car, you call your insurance agent and add the vehicle to your policy. If you don’t have an insurance company, you might compare quotes and choose the right one. Sounds easy enough, right? But what happens if your name is not on the title of the vehicle? You may wonder: can I insure a car not in my name? Usually, you cannot insure a car you do not own, but there are exceptions.

Can Registration and Insurance Be in Different Names?

There are several situations in which you would want a car in your name and insurance in another or vice versa:
  • You want to add the vehicle owner to an existing policy.
  • You live in the same household as the vehicle owner.
  • You have a financial stake in the car.
  • You were given the vehicle as a gift.
  • Two or more people may share the same vehicle.
You can insure a car registered to someone else by sharing the same address as the car owner. The owner can simply add you to their policy, or you can add them to your policy. If you don’t live together, it’s harder to get the insurance company to cover you. However, there are a couple of alternatives:
  • Buy non-owner car insurance. If you borrow a car regularly, this insurance provides liability coverage for any vehicle you drive.
  • Become a co-owner on the title. Depending on where you live, it may be possible to get added as a co-owner on the vehicle’s registration. This will allow you to get insurance on the vehicle.
  • Borrow an insured vehicle. If the owner already insures the vehicle, you should have permissive use. If you are a licensed driver and the vehicle owner permits you to use the car, you will be covered even if you are not named on the insurance policy.
  Now you know that yes, you can insure a car not in your name. Use this information to insure your vehicle properly. Discuss your situation with your insurance company and get the right coverage.