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I need insurance, but I don’t know where to start?

Insurance can be a daunting purchase. There are thousands of agencies all shouting different prices, features, and contingencies. Don’t let the mass of agencies paralyze you from becoming insured. We recommend heading to our resource center. There, you’ll find articles, resources, and tools that will help you make the best decision possible.

Are comparison tools accurate?

There are a lot of sites that provide tools to calculate insurance premiums across several companies. We understand your concern with credibility. Most insurance agencies are heavily regulated and are under close supervision. Most of the time “comparison” quotes are accurate; however, we recommend you visit each agency for real quotes. Cheap Insurance is also a great alternative, because we are a brokerage working in your behalf to get you the absolute lowest price.

Do insurance calculators work?

We’ve only seen one calculator that is accurate. However, we urge to remember most agencies use an extensive formula to calculate your insurance rate. Most formulas include your credit score.

I see ads on the Internet for $19/month insurance rates, are those real?

The truth is, a very very small percentage of people fit the profile for $19-$29 per month insurance rates. We wish the majority of people could receive extremely low rates but unfortunately factors such as credit, driving history, and demographics play too large a role to be discounted. However, that does not mean that low rates do not exist. We, at Cheap Insurance, pride ourselves in offering the lowest rates around. The difference is we won’t advertise unrealistic numbers to attract consumers.

Can agents get me lower prices than web sites?

Most of the time agents will offer the same premium as direct quotes online; however, speaking with an agent can help you build an insurance plan that works for you. Insurance can be complicated, having someone with whom to discuss concerns can be a very powerful thing.