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Car Insurance

Auto insurance, it’s the law. To own and register a car, you must possess valid auto insurance. There are many options to consider. From the type of coverage, to the policy limits, finding the correct balance for your individual situation is critical.

What is SR22?

In order to remove a suspension placed on your Drivers License, an SR22 Filing is required. An SR22 is a document issued by an insurance company to guarantee that you have obtained minimum liability coverage for your state.

Life Coverage

Navigating the Life Insurance industry can be overwhelming. You know you need it, but how do you know you are getting the right coverage at the best price? We make it easy to check coverages and prices with a quick online quote.

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  • Automobile

    Auto insurance, it's the law

  • Homeowner's

    Protect your largest personal investment

  • Renter's

    Don't be caught unprepared

  • SR22

    Remove the suspension on your CA license

  • Boat and Watercraft

    Seasonally used vehicles still need protection

  • RV and Trailer

    Protect your property, family and investment

  • Umbrella

    Broad insurance beyond Home and Auto

  • Health

    Get affordable health insurance coverage

  • Life

    Get affordable life insurance coverage Resources

Helping Drivers Since 1974

Founded in 1974, began as an independent insurance agency serving customers in Northern California. Our core belief was that every driver should have access to the best coverage at the best possible price, regardless of driving record, location, gender, age, or vehicle type. soon became the foremost specialist in helping unlucky drivers find the protection they need at an affordable price. Now, after helping California drivers for forty years, we have expanded our online system to provide insurance quotes to drivers nationwide. We help you find the best carriers, at the absolute lowest rates, without having to go to an office or spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over. How easy is it to get an insurance quote? This easy:

  • • Choose your product: Auto, Health, Home, Life, Renter, or Motorcycle
  • • Enter your zip code
  • • Answer a few basic questions
  • • Presto! – get your quote.
  • If you find coverage you like, you can even purchase it online, from the comfort of your home, with your policy delivered to your inbox within minutes. We have taken all the difficulty out of purchasing insurance, and can help you find discounts that you may not even know exist. If you haven’t compared your current policy to today’s rates, how can you know if you’re paying too much? For forty years, has been the leader in finding affordable coverage for all drivers. Get your quote now, and start saving today. If you need help, you can always email or call us toll free.

    Customer Testimonials

    “Best customer service EVER! I'm 80 years old and I recently needed some advise with my insurance. When I called and spoke with Darrel in Sales, he really helped me. He wasn't looking to just make a deal, he told me how to save money. I've dealt with a lot of Insurance Agencies in my life, I am really fortunate to have found Cheap Insurance. Darrel has the honesty and integrity that I would refer all my family and friends to.”

    Inga B. Rancho Cordova, CA

    “I was a little nervous to leave Allstate, but after working with I knew the only thing I was leaving behind was bigger bills. My husband and I love the personal attention and excellent customer service from their friendly staff. Since they are a broker and can search many companies to find a great rate, I don't understand why everyone doesn't use them.”

    Autumn D. Sacramento, CA

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