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Pennsylvania’s Capitol City

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is not only the states Capitol city, it is a beautiful place to live.

Nestled next to the Susquehanna River, this wonderful water landscape gives life to the city.

With a little over 48 thousand residents, this smaller suburban town in Pennsylvania has a great, rich history.

There are many reasons people love living here including the Market Square in downtown Harrisburg.

The beautiful capitol buildings and old brick architecture give a sense of place for those who love that east coast feeling.

Harrisburg was once known as the most industrial city in the United States.

Having a historical moment int he American Civil War, The Revolutionary War and the Industrial Revolution.

There has always been a large manufacturing industry in Harrisburg.

More about Harrisburg…

Steel and agriculture have been large ways that the economy has flourished.

The Pennsylvania Dutch community is also very large here and has its place among the residents.

If you are visiting Harrisburg, make sure to check out City Island which is a beach along with parks and some amazing scenery.

Look in at the Pennsylvania State Museum and walk the old streets of this historical city.

There are a couple of older mansions which were used during the revolutionary war tie period.

You can tour these mansions and grounds and get a feel for how people used to live.

Many people choose to raise their families here because of the laid back feeling and beauty.

When you live in Harrisburg, you truly have everything you need.

Sometimes families need to commute into bigger cities such as Philadelphia or Pittsburg for work.

Great car insurance is needed when commuting in Pennsylvania.

If you are planning on settling down and purchasing a home here in Harrisburg, you will need homeowners insurance.

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How Can I Attain Great Insurance In Harrisburg?

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Insurance Requirements Harrisburg

Car Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in the state of Pennsylvania.

You will need to have the minimum amount of car insurance, a valid drivers license and current registration on your vehicle in order to operate it.

When searching for car insurance, keep in mind that if you have a loan out on your vehicle, you will need more than just the minimum coverage.

Most lenders and banks make you attain what is called “full coverage”.

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