Best Low Income Auto Insurance Programs

Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIP) State: New Jersey What’s Included: Pay only $365 annual coverage Eligibility: Federal Medicaid Enrolled

California’s Low Cost Automobile Program (CLCA) State: California What’s Included: Pay $231-$347 annual coverage (depending on county) Eligibility  Based on household’s annual income

CURE State: New Jersey What’s Included: 12 month policy Eligibility: Low Income

Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund State: Maryland What’s Included: Auto liability insurance Eligibility: residents of Maryland who are not financially able to obtain insurance

New York Automobile Insurance Plan (NYAIP)  State: New York What’s included: Auto liability insurance Eligibility: residents of New York who are not financially able to obtain insurance

Working Cars for Working Families  State: 150 programs throughout the Nation What’s included: aid to buy used vehicles Eligibility: low income, working families across the nation

Auto Care Ministry State: Nationwide What’s included: Free car repairs Eligibility: Needy and low income individuals or families