Cheap Insurance Bellevue

Cheap Insurance Bellevue

Bellevue is considered by many in Washington to be one of the safest cities around, and consistently ranks high on “best city” lists for young professionals or places to launch businesses. As Seattle’s largest suburb, the town has a pretty dense population, especially around the city center. Because of an influx in redevelopment funds, the city weathered the economic downturn well, and has remained financially strong. Many commuters drive into Bellevue each day for work, which leads to some traffic congestion and an increased accident risk. If you haven’t re-shopped your policy in a while, now is a good time to explore the great options for cheap insurance Bellevue has available.

Ways to save in Bellevue:

  • Comparison Shop! This remains the best way to ensure you are paying the lowest rates for your specific coverage needs.
  • Know your coverages! Washington requires specific coverages for any driver, but depending on your financial situation you may need more. Especially if you have a home or other assets to protect. Increased liability coverage is usually the most cost-effective coverage upgrade, so be sure to get rates for Washington’s minimums as well as higher limits.
  • Know your discounts! Did you know you can usually get discounts for having a college degree, or for being a member of a labor union or other professional organization?

Facts about Bellevue:

  • The crime rate is about half the national average. There were only 169 cars stolen in 2012 (this is the most recent data available from the FBI’s database).
  • The city is the 6th-wealthiest in Washington, wish much of the economy centered around the technology sector. This can mean more high-value vehicles on the road, making increased property damage liability a must-have.

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