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Tennessee is the land of music, an industry that fuels the state’s nearly $18 billion tourism industry. But did you know it’s also one of the nations leading beef cattle producers, and has a booming tech industry? All that growth and tourism, coupled with the often extreme weather, makes for some challenging insurance problems. Fog, large hail, thunderstorms, and the occasional tornado contribute to some unique problems for car and homeowner’s insurance. Thankfully annual car insurance premiums aren’t too much higher than the national average, at around $115 per month. But it never hurts to look at all the options for cheap insurance Tennessee can offer. 

Whether you’re here for the Great Smoky Mountains, Dollywood, The Grand Ole Opry, or the Tennessee Aquarium, you’ll find Tennessee a bright and friendly place. This could help explain the more than 10% annual population growth the state has enjoyed for the last couple decades. If you’re a sports fan there’s NASCAR’s Bristol Speedway, the Titans playing out of the Saint Thomas Sports Park, or the Grizzlies out of the FedexForum. Throughout the year the local restaurant and bar scene enjoys a diverse customer base, from die-hard football fans to country and rock-and-roll fans. If you’re new to the state, there’s a well-funded tourism bureau where you can discover all the hidden gems you didn’t even know about!

Since it’s founding in 1796, Tennessee has grown to become the 16th largest state in the Union, in terms of population.


Tennessee Facts


  • There are approximately 2.3 million registered vehicles on the road in Tennessee.
  • Tennessee is one of the most beautiful states in the nation! It continues to attract new residents to its cities, but, aside from some major corporations such as FedEx and AutoZone, its economy isn’t as diversified as some states.
  • The average car insurance premium is around $117 per month. Depending on how much coverage you carry, you could be paying significantly cheaper rates, or far higher!
  • Driving without insurance in Tennessee is now classified as a Class A misdemeanor, and can result in jail time!
  • Nashville, or “music city” is the country music capital of the entire world!
  • The largest earthquake in American history took place in Tennessee in 1812, which was felt across more than 1 million square miles. 
  • Tech industries in Tennessee include polysilicon production, and the state is one of the United States’ largest power producers.
  • The 16th state to join the Union, Tennessee has become the “Detroit” of the south with the automobile manufacturing center near Chattanooga employing 106,500 Tennesseans.



Car Insurance


There are plenty of tips for finding insurance in any state. However, finding a good broker can help you find the best cheap car insurance Tennessee can offer. Brokers represent you rather than the insurance company, and can compare dozens of companies to see who will give you the best rate. Some of the rating factors that effect your monthly premiums include:

  • Your age. A 35-year old will pay significantly less than a newly-licensed teenager.
  • Your vehicle affects your price. If you drive a $80,000 Mercedes you’ll pay a lot more than a $20,000 Toyota.
  • Having continuous coverage with no lapses will sometimes lower your rates, depending on the insurance company.
  • Commute length. Those who drive 50 miles roundtrip to work pay more than those who only drive 5. The more you drive, the higher your rates.
  • Urban residents usually cost more to insure than rural. This is because there are more cars on the road in a smaller area.


State Car Insurance Requirements


  • Minimum coverage for bodily injury per person is $25,000.
  • Tennessee’s minimum coverage for bodily injury per accident is $50,000.
  • The state minimum coverage for property damage liability is $15,000.

This coverage only pays for damage you cause. To cover your own vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident, you might want to consider additional coverage options.


Recommended Coverage


Tennessee does not require “full coverage.” This is a vague term that encompasses a lot of different types of coverage. Usually what “full coverage means” is that your vehicle is covered up to its replacement value, no matter what happens to it. So if a tree falls on it, or you’re at-fault in the accident, damage to your property will be reimbursed. Here are some other coverage options that can help protect you and your car:

  • Comprehensive: covers your car for any damage not caused by a traffic accident.
  • Collision: covers damage to your car if you are fond at fault.
  • Rental car: provides reimbursement for any rental fees while your vehicle is being repaired.
  • Towing or roadside assistance: can cover the cost of transporting your car to an auto shop, flat tire repair, or even gas if you go empty on the road.
  • Uninsured Motorist: covers you if you are hit by a driver who doesn’t have auto insurance.

Get the cheap car insurance Tennessee drivers have already found! It only takes a couple minutes to shop hundreds of policies and options.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Tennessee motorcycle insurance law requires you to carry the same insurance limits as you do on your automobile. This means $25,000 per person for Bodily Injury (BI) liability, $50,000 BI per accident, and $15,000 property damage liability per accident.

You’re probably not doing wheelies or tricks on the road, but we all know that riding a motorcycle is much riskier than driving a car. The only good news is that insurance prices are cheaper for motorcycles. The more time you spend researching the options for cheap motorcycle insurance Tennessee offers, the cheaper it gets! Insurance companies know you can’t cause as much damage with your bike, so liability rates are lower. But with the rising value of motorcycles, “full coverage” keeps getting more expensive.

But don’t let that scare you. With all the miles of scenic wilderness, taking your bike on the road is totally worth it. Even if you’re simply commuting, the joy of the open road makes the riding experience a thrill.

It only takes a few minutes to get the best rates for the coverage you need.


Minimum Motorcycle Coverage


The same requirements apply to both car insurance and motorcycle insurance. Here is the basic coverage you need to get on the road:

  • $25,000 of coverage for bodily injury (BI) or death of one person.
  • $50,000 of BI or death coverage for multiple people in an accident.
  • $15,000 of coverage for damage to another person’s property.


Tips to help you lower your motorcycle insurance rates


  • Getting a safety certificate insurers that you take your responsibility seriously.
  • Certified safety gear often makes you eligible for more discounts.
  • Do you have more than one motorcycle? Make sure they’re all on the same policy so you get the multi-vehicle discount.
  • If you bundle your motorcycle insurance with your auto, home, or renter’s policies you’ll save even more (known as the multi-policy discount).
  • The more years you ride, the cheaper insurance you get.
  • AAA members, or members of certain riding clubs enjoy cheaper rates.

If you have questions, or just want to compare prices, take a couple minutes to compare your options. Thousands of Tennessee residents are already saving money on their monthly motorcycle insurance bill.

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Homeowners Insurance


Homeowners insurance is regulated in Tennessee. This helps keep your rates reasonable. If you have a mortgage you already know you need a homeowner’s policy, but many homeowners don’t bother shopping for better rates. Or they are so overwhelmed by the home-buying process that they take the first offer. The average monthly rate for homeowners insurance in Tennessee was around $100/month in 2015.

Your typically homeowners policy covers the following:

  • Physical damage, including damage to permanent structures on your property, like garages.
    • Not all damage types are included, so read your policy documents carefully.
  • Personal property coverage includes all your belongings, including jewelry, appliances, and furniture.
    • Take inventory and use the current replacement cost of each item as a guide. You can always change your limits, but most people don’t think to after the policy is in effect.
  • Loss of Use allows pays for your rental, or hotel stay, while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Liability covers you for any accidents or injuries to non-residents that take place on your property.


Take some time to look at all your options. Some insurers offer lower rates for personal liability, or various discounts. These discounts can help you get higher coverage, while still getting the cheap homeowners insurance Tennessee residents require.



Available discounts on your homeowners insurance policy

You might not even know all the discounts you qualify for. But with a bit of digging, and some key questions, you can save hundreds of dollars per year. Ask your insurance broker about these policy discounts:

  • Security system discounts.
  • Sprinkler system discounts.
  • Affinity discounts, for membership in certain unions or organizations.
  • Claim-free discounts.
  • Multi-policy discounts.
  • There are even discounts for living close to a fire station!

Take a few minutes to search the best rates for your Tennessee homeowners insurance.

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Life Insurance


Life insurance is one of those things that slip under the radar. Especially if you’re young. But did you know that younger people pay significantly lower rates for life insurance than people over 40? And depending on the policy you might be able to lock in those rates early, so you’re not playing catch up later. The younger you are, the more financial hardship your family will experience in the event of sudden death. When you’re older you have more savings, and more assets. But what if something happens while you are young and still building your net worth, your family might be scrambling to make ends meet.

As hard as it is to think about, not buying life insurance put your family at risk. It helps if you think about it in terms of security for your loved ones, rather than a financial burden. And life insurance can be a lot cheaper than you might think!


Some facts to consider


  • Buying life insurance is planning ahead.
  • Policies can cover anything from medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage payments, to college tuition for your children.
  • It can help replace your income potential for your family if the worst should happen.
  • Some policies can be used to pay out a cash value or borrow against later.
  • There are more than 800 companies in the US that provide life insurance.
  • Life insurance is a contract that allows your insurer to keep the difference between collected premium and their payout.

 life insurance

There are a few basic types of life insurance:


  • Term life insurance and whole life insurance are two different policies with different requirements. Some people choose term life because your rates stay the same for the policy coverage period. For example, a 35-year old female would pay $61/month for up to $1,000,000 in coverage for a 20-year term. But when that 20 years is up, she might have to find another policy at a higher rate to continue coverage.
  • Whole life (or permanent) life insurance rates don’t change, but they can be a bit pricier per year. But no matter when you die, the payout stays the same, even if you live to be 100! These policies will also allow you to withdraw some of the money you’ve paid in to them, so some people look at them in terms of a savings plan.

Over 40% of Americans don’t carry life insurance, but most of them haven’t bothered to shop for it. So they don’t know how affordable it can be. Just a few minutes of time can get you multiple quotes for cheap life insurance Tennessee residents like you are taking advantage of.

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Health Insurance


Health insurance is one of the surest ways to prevent financial disaster. But, like life insurance, it’s also one of the most over-looked. Since the Affordable Care Act went into effect, the rates of uninsured have dropped significantly. However, most people don’t take the time to learn about about health insurance. They either get it through their employer, shop online, or get it through an insurance exchange.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that health coverage is a necessity. Even if it’s just a policy that covers your for catastrophic accidents. In Tennessee the average cost of an inpatient hospital stay is almost $10,000 per day! Just fixing a broken leg can cost you over $7,000 out-of-pocket. Unless you’re rich, that could mean bankruptcy.


What types of health insurance are there?


There are more options than we can list. Most Tennessee residents have some sort of coverage, and while the ACA helps give basic coverage, it’s always beneficial to explore your options. Don’t just settle for the cheapest, because for just a few dollars more you can expand your options and get much more coverage.

The two main types of health insurance are:

  • HMO policies (Health Maintenance Organization) are usually cheaper options, but require you to visit specific doctors and hospitals. Depending on where you live, this can be restrictive. But if you live in an urban area with lots of doctors and health care providers, it might be a good bet.
  • PPO policies, or Preferred Provider Organization give you more flexibility to choose the doctor or hospital you prefer. But that flexibility comes at a cost, with higher monthly insurance premiums.

Speak to a professional today to explore all your options. Even if you’re happy with your current policy, you might be able to find the same coverage at a lower rate. You always have options! Especially if you take the time to look at all the cheap health insurance Tennessee has available for you.

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Renters Insurance


Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean you can’t cover your property. While renter’s insurance doesn’t cover your dwelling, it provides benefits that can cover your liability and personal property. And the best thing about renters insurance is that it’s cheap! Most policies cost less than $300 per year and cover tens of thousand of dollars of personal property. You can even schedule certain items for a certain dollar amount like your rings or expensive electronics.


Did you know that most renters insurance policies also cover your belongings outside your home? And when you bundle it with your car or motorcycle policy, you can get a discount that more than makes up for the extra bill.

Take a few minutes to consider the cheap renters insurance Tennessee has available. It’s a growing industry, so more and more companies are offering it. Many landlords even require it.


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