Cheap Insurance North Charleston

Cheap Insurance North Charleston

North Charleston has grown to be the third-largest city in South Carolina, with a population of over 100,000 residents. Because of Boeing’s presence (the city is home to the assembly plant of the 787 Dreamliner), and a number of retail outlets, North Charleston is one of the state’s most important economic areas and leads the state in retail sales. It is also attracting a number of financial operations and tourism. All of these factors play a part in the city’s growth, but also affect the way insurance rates are calculated. If you’ve seen a rise in your auto premiums, it might be time to re-shop your policy. If you take a few minutes to compare the options for cheap insurance North Charleston has available, you have a good chance of finding a better deal!

Some statistics about North Charleston:

  • Property crime rates are higher than the average for cities of this size. There were 540 cars stolen in 2012, which is a jump from previous years so rates for coverages like comprehensive will also be higher. You can usually get some decent discounts if you have some sort of anti-theft device installed on your car, like an alarm or tracking device.
  • The further northwest you live in the city, the longer your daily commute will be. This is mainly due to the fact that you are farther from the city center where most residents are employed. The longer your daily commute, the higher your rates will be.
  • Conversely, the southeast parts of town have the highest population density which also affects the rate you pay. If you are thinking of moving within the city, make sure to compare quotes for multiple zip codes.

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1956 Remount Rd
N Charleston, SC 29406
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North Charleston, SC 29406
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Beach & Beach Insurance
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5500 Rivers Ave
North Charleston, SC 29406
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Kevin Shealy - Allstate Insurance
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Charleston, SC 29407
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