Cheap Insurance Great Falls

Cheap Insurance Great Falls

Seated on the Missouri river, Great Falls has some of the best fishing and rafting in the world. It is one of the most affordable cities in the US, and this low cost of living extends to the number of options for cheap insurance Great Falls can offer. The housing cost of is almost half the national average, with a median home value of around $150,000. Low crime and low traffic help keep insurance costs low, and make the city an attractive place to move!

Some facts about Great Falls:

  • Crime: While the crime index is just slightly lower than the national average, the auto theft rates are very low. Since this affects the cost of comprehensive coverage, we figured it was worth knowing (there were only 130 cars stolen in 2012). The city has an active, well-staffed police force which helps the overall safety level. Insurance companies take this into account, and so should you!
  • Neighborhoods: Insurance rates can vary a great deal from one neighborhood to the next. Foxfarm and Bellview will have different rates for some coverages (like comprehensive) than the neighborhoods of Black Eagle and Riverview. In general, the closer you are to the city center, the higher the crime rate tends to be. If you are moving, be sure to get quotes for your new zip code so you know what to expect. Also, any time you move, there’s always a chance you’ll be able to find cheaper rates with a different insurance company!
  • Public Transportation: Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot of public transportation in the city, so you’ll need your car for your daily commute. However, if you can carpool or even bike, you can usually save some money on your car insurance.

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