Cheap Insurance Columbia MO

Cheap Insurance Columbia

Columbia’s population has grown by 28.4% since 2000. The presence of the University of Missouri will always draw large crowds to Columbia throughout the years, both students and parents, as well as fans of the Missouri Tigers (the state’s only Division 1-A team). The True/False Film Fest and the city’s historic museums both draw tourist traffic to Columbia each year. Because it is a college town, a large portion of the city’s population are students. This is taken into account when insurance companies calculate rates for a region, and could mean higher liability rates (younger drivers are a higher insurance risk). If you are a student or just want to re-shop your policy it pays to take a look at all the options for cheap insurance Columbia, Missouri can offer.

Here are some other ways to save:

  • Know your neighborhood: Living in downtown or around the college campus might mean you pay more for liability and physical damage than you would if you live in Valley View or Thornbrook.
  • Crime: Auto theft rates are really low in the city, which helps lower the price of some coverages. There were less than 150 stolen cars in 2012, and this rate gets lower every year!
  • Traffic: The average commute time in Columbia is less than 20 minutes! Thankfully this means you don’t have to spend a lot of time in your car, and if you work in the city you don’t have to drive far either! Both of these factors lower your auto insurance rates.
  • Population Density: The southwest part of the city is the most densely populated so rates will be slightly higher there.

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