Since Wyoming is the least populated state, you’ll be able to get from place to place pretty quickly. With so few vehicles on the road, accidents are not as common as in other states. With everything so spread out, though, you need a vehicle to get around—and car insurance. Fortunately, Wyoming is one of the best states for cheap car insurance. However, you will still need to research to find cheap car insurance in Wyoming. Get a free quote from Cheap Insurance and find the best car insurance provider.

Quick Wyoming Car Insurance Facts

  • Wyoming has a minimum coverage requirement known as the 25/50/20 rule.
  • For full auto insurance coverage in Wyoming, the average cost is around $1,495 per year.
  • The cost of minimum coverage is roughly $271 per year.
  • In Wyoming, close to 8.7% of drivers have no auto insurance.
  • Wyoming has fewer licensed drivers than any other state, at around 424,000.

Minimum Wyoming Car Insurance Coverage

Wyoming drivers must carry at least the minimum auto insurance to cover bodily injury and property damage in the event of a crash. This includes the following auto insurance coverages:

Property damage: $20,000 per accident

Bodily injury/death: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident

Getting Cheap Car Insurance In Wyoming

Getting cheap car insurance in Wyoming is not too difficult. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Compare car insurance providers. You can’t assume that one company will always have the cheapest rates, even though that’s what they may advertise. For the best price, get a quote from Cheap Insurance.
  2. Consider local insurance companies. Small, regional insurance companies may provide better customer service, and they may be cheaper than certain large providers. Even though they may not be as well-known, you shouldn’t overlook them.
  3. Bundle your insurance. Use the same company for all your insurance needs. Your agent can bundle all these coverages and help you save money with various discounts.

Wyoming Car Insurance Discounts

While Wyoming car insurance coverage may already be inexpensive, you can always save more money. Here are some discounts you may qualify to receive:

Good Driver: Drivers with a clean driving history and no claims may be able to save around 20%.

Good Student: Young drivers who attend school and get good grades (at least a B average) might qualify for a 5% discount.

Online Billing: It’s easier for insurance companies to send you online bills rather than mailing out everything. See if your car insurance provider offers a discount for this.

Safety Features: You can save up to 30% if your vehicle is equipped with safety features such as airbags and anti-theft devices.


What is the average car insurance cost in Wyoming?

The average cost for full car insurance coverage in Wyoming is $1,495 per year.

How much is car insurance per month in Wyoming?

The monthly cost for car insurance in the state is approximately $125.

What is the penalty for driving without insurance in Wyoming?

If you drive without proof of insurance in Wyoming, you could face a fine of up to $750 as well as six months in jail.

What is driving like in Wyoming?

Wyoming is known for its rural country, but that means that the roads can be dangerous. US Route 191, US Highway 14A, and Teton Pass tend to feature icy, snowy roads. There is also a lot of wildlife lurking on these roads. In addition, many motorists in Wyoming drive while intoxicated, so you need to be alert at all times.

How can I save money on my car insurance policy in Wyoming?

Get cheap car insurance in Wyoming by following these tips.

  • Improve your credit, as insurers connect creditworthiness with responsibility. 
  • Increase your deductible (the upfront amount you pay for a claim), and your premium should decrease.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverages may not be necessary for an older car, so you might want to get rid of them.

Other Types of Coverage

Besides the minimum coverage, you can opt for other car insurance coverages. If you live in Wyoming, consider one of these additional types of coverage:

Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UMC)/Underinsured Motorist coverage (UIM)

Medical Payments Coverage

Physical Damage Coverage

Additional kinds of coverage 

Endorsements and Riders

  • Towing and road service
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Gap insurance