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As the capital of Illinois, many of Springfield’s residents are employed in state government work. It is the biggest city in central Illinois and is famous for being the home of Abraham Lincoln until he moved into the White House as president. Tourists come to see Lincoln’s tomb, as well as a number of local historic sites. While public transportation isn’t as extensive as some capital cities, Springfield is currently increasing its biking infrastructure. While a growing number of commuters are choosing this healthy alternative, most still rely on their cars. This makes it all the more important to find as many choices for cheap insurance Springfield can offer. Especially if you’ve been with the same company for more than a year. Comparison shopping is the #1 to lower your monthly insurance payments.

Some other facts about Springfield:

  • Crime: Springfield’s crime rate has been in near-constant decline over the past ten years. This is great news for drivers as it means comprehensive rates are constantly lowering as well. There were only 242 cars stolen in the city in 2012.
  • Traffic: Because so much of the population is employed by the state government, traffic downtown can get pretty intense during rush hour. This also raises the chances of you being involved in a traffic accident, so if your daily commute takes you to that part of town, or you live around downtown, you are probably paying more for liability and physical damage coverage.
  • Population Density: The southwest section of the city closest to city center (zip code 62704) has the densest population, which also raises the rates for certain coverage. This is because the cars that are on the road in that part of town and condensed more than others, raising the claims risk.