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Simi Valley

Simi Valley is located 37 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. It’s location makes it a very popular place to visit and live. The high-end living community offers unique restaurants, museums, thriving businesses and a hiker’s paradise. In 2014 the population of Simi Valley was 126,871, and it was ranked the fifth happiest city in the United States. The median household income is higher than the state average, which makes it very important to seek out all the options for cheap car insurance that Simi Valley can offer.

About Simi Valley

Simi Valley has twice been ranked as the 18th most conservative city in the United States. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is located there, and hosted the Republican debate in 2012 as well as the first primary debates in 2016. The library is also the final resting place of former president Ronald Reagan, who was buried there in 2004.

Despite being ranked as one of the happiest cities in the U.S., Simi Valley has also had its share of controversy and tragedy. In 1959 the Sodium Reactor Experiment had 13 of its 43 reactors partially melted releasing radioactive gas into the atmosphere. A lawsuit followed, against the landowners at the time, The Boeing Company. The case was settled with Boeing paying out a large payment and shutting down and cleaning up the site.

In 1991 the city of Simi Valley was selected as the venue for the state case against four officers, well known as the Rodney King trials. The police were accused of using excessive force and the video of the beating was broadcast globally. Three of the four were acquitted by a jury made up of ten whites, one Filipino, and one Hispanic, none of which were Simi Valley residents. The acquittal led to mass protests around the country and the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Driving In Simi Valley

Large areas of the Simi Hills are protected wildlife lands and parks. Given it’s location to L.A., it has been the site for many television shows and movies, such as M*A*S*H, and Little House on the Prairie.

Highway 118 runs through the city and connects with highways 23 and 10, as well as interstates 5, 405 and 210. These are all highly used freeways, so take advantage of public transportation whenever you can to save mileage on your car, and money on your car insurance.

The city of Simi Valley is in the southeast corner of ventura county. It is 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles which makes it part of the greater Los Angeles area. Simi Valley is quite the place when it comes to rolling hills. During the right time of the year, they all have this deep rich green color that you can hardly get anywhere else. A prominent location in this city is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. This place is a must see attraction if you are not from around the area. You get to see some really cool historical items in the library. To give an example you get to see a piece of the berlin wall. 

The cost of living in Simi Valley is a little bit above average compared to California and leaps and bounds from the national average. The median income annually for a homeowner in Simi Valley is around $110,000. You are definitely getting what you’re paying for when it comes to quality. The city is very nice and there is plenty of shopping and things along those lines. The safety is also top notch. 

Housing Trends

Simi Valley is located in the greater Los Angeles area which means this has the potential to have  some expensive housing markets. The average rent for an apartment in Simi Valley is prices at $2,043 and that is a 6% increase compared to the previous year. 48%  of people are paying $2,000 or more when it comes to paying for rent each month. The average size for an apartment is around 823 square feet. 

 The housing market on the other hand is very competitive. Many homes that are for sale get multiple offers and some sell for above listing price. With the homes averaging out at $619k, the market is perfect for first time home buyers.