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Palmdale is in the center of northern Los Angeles County. The San Gabriel Mountains separate Palmdale from the City of Los Angeles. Palmdale is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, and high-speed growth means more drivers on the roads. Because there is no easy access to a major interstate, commute times can be long. So take the time to protect yourself on the road and look at all the options for cheap car insurance that Palmdale has available.

Agriculture was an important industry for Palmdale and its northern neighbor Lancaster until the outbreak of World War II. In 1933, the United States government established Muroc Air Base  in Kern County, now known as Edwards Air Force Base. The U.S also established an aerospace testing and development facility in 1952, on what used to be the airport. After that the aerospace industry was the primary local source of employment and has remained so ever since.

Today the city is still referred to as the “Aerospace Capital of America”. As a home for U.S military aircraft it isn’t any wonder that the most important industry for the city is the aerospace industry. In recent years though, many manufacturing companies have relocated there to take advantage of the special tax breaks offered.

Car Insurance in Palmdale:

The average commute in Palmdale over the past five years has been around 40 minutes. If you include the neighboring city of Lancaster, there are around 340,000 drivers on the road during peak hours each day. The options for biking and public transportation are growing. If you can utilize either for your commute, you could save some money on your car insurance. The number of stolen cars each year has dropped significantly since 2005, however the city has an overall crime rate well above that of the national average. The number of fatal accidents in Palmdale is also much higher than average, so take the time to review your car insurance and make sure you’ve got the coverage you need.