If you know that you’ll be renting a car soon, you’re probably wondering whether your car insurance covers rental cars. The answer? Probably. It depends on the type of auto insurance coverage you have. Let’s break that down. 

The most common types of auto insurance policies will offer coverage not only for the car you own but also for rental cars you drive. Full coverage insurance will more than likely cover rental cars. The best way to be sure is to simply call your insurance provider and ask before renting. 


The Legal Minimum

If you have an insurance policy that only meets your state’s minimum legal requirements, you may not be covered to drive rental cars, or it may not be wise to drive a rental car with such low coverage. This may also be the case if you only have liability insurance. 

An insurance policy that only meets minimum requirements literally only provides what the state requires. While the amount varies by state, if you are in an accident it probably would not cover the entire cost of the damage done to the rental car, nor would it cover all of the possible medical bills for yourself and other passengers.


Liability Only

If you only have liability insurance, your insurance will cover any damage you do to other vehicles, but will not cover damage done to the rental car you are driving, so in this case, your auto insurance does not really cover the rental car.  

Before you rent, call your provider to be sure that your car insurance covers rental cars. 

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