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Central Coast At It’s Best


Santa Barbara, California is known for being one of the most beautiful cities in America. People choose to live in this exclusive area for the ocean views and mountain-top communities. State Street is always filled with some sort of festival or activity. The weekly farmer’s market is nothing short of spectacular. There is just enough of both rural surroundings and city life to keep everyone here pleased. Just North of Santa Barbara is The University of California which sits out on a ledge overlooking the ocean.

Many students choose UC Santa Barbara for its science department and teaching avenues. When living in such a tight knit community, it is easy to run into the people you know. You may even spot a celebrity or two. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a large music amphitheater which is host to some of the worlds best musicians. You can also check out the historical Mission that resides here.


What Santa Barbara has to offer


You would have to live here to truly see everything that Santa Barbara has to offer.  Raising a family in Santa Barbara is a pleasure. Head to the zoo for a fun filled day of animals. Maybe you love the beach. Yep! There are miles of beaches. Some are even dedicated for dogs, where dog lovers and their furry friends can enjoy the sun and the waves.

If you live here, work here, or raise a family here, you will want protection.

From owning a home, to driving in traffic, protection is your number one priority.

Santa Barbara is just an amazing place to live, so live it to your fullest.

Do this by choosing the right kind of insurance for you and your family.

Call your Cheap Insurance broker today and find out how you could save on insurance in the Santa Barbara area.

Get the cheap insurance Santa Barbara residents should have.

Here are some types of insurance that you might be looking for.


Insurance Requirements Santa Barbara

Homeowners Insurance


Owning a home in Santa Barbara is a huge task.  Not only is it very expensive to live in this gorgeous area, but insurance can be as well. You may need fire insurance as an add-on because of the risk of fire danger.  There may be discounts based on the area you live in or the credit rating you have. But, for the most part, your home will need a certain amount of protection. Know where to go and what questions to ask when purchasing your homeowners insurance.

  • Homeowners insurance covers four basic types of insurance: structure, personal belongings, liability, and additional living expenses.
  • The location of your home, the construction type, roof slope and many other features contribute to how much your homeowners insurance will be.
  • Save money on your premium by raising your deductible.

You know you are doing well when you can purchase in such a lovely area.

You will need to get your hands on the cheap homeowners insurance Santa Barbara requires.

This is what most policies offer:

    • Property Damage
    • Loss of Use
    • Liability
    • Limited coverage for stolen items
    • Additional coverage for valuables
    • Know that every time you make a claim, your premiums could go up.
    • There is a deadline for making a claim on your homeowners insurance policy. There is usually a two week window to do so.
    • It is always a good idea to make an inventory of the valuables in your home. You could always take pictures or video of the things you have and add up the costs.

Make the best decision of your life and get your home the protection it needs.

Call today for your free quote.

Have a helpful representative answer any questions you may have.


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Renters Insurance


Just because you rent a house doesn’t mean it isn’t your home. You have put just as much time and energy into your rental than if you had owned your own home. Rents in Santa Barbara can be high. The very sought after area means competition for getting in to a rental. Make the best choice you can by purchasing renters insurance and make your renting experience a good one. 

If you are a renter in California and do not have renters insurance, you are taking a big risk. How much is your television worth? How about your jewelry? Computers? Musical instruments? We’re probably talking about thousands of dollars! If those valuables were stolen, could you afford to replace them? 

You need renters insurance to make sure you are protected.

Here are some of the things that you could protect with renters insurance:

  • Theft- if someone comes into your home and steals any personal property
  • Fire or lightning damage- mother nature has a way of damaging property
  • Smoke damage- a small kitchen fire can cause a lot of damage, be covered.
  • Water damage- if there is any water damage to the house you are renting it could costs thousands to repair
  • Hail or windstorm damage- Live in a place with high winds? Be prepared.
  • Damage from falling objects- If a tree falls, it can cause some serious damage.
  • Personal property- Jewelry, furs, fine art, and the excess things in your house not covered by theft.

You need the cheap renters insurance Santa Barbara tenants should have.

There are limitations so contact us today and find out what might work for you!

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Car Insurance


Even though Santa Barbara isn’t a large city like Los Angeles or San Fransisco, there is still traffic.  Many people commute from the mountains down into the city itself. Other residents commute back and forth to Los Angele a few days a week. But even if you are just driving around town, this dense area could result in an accident. Many parking lots in Santa Barbara are built for how the city was about 40 years ago: smaller. Now, with a large influx of tourists and new residents, parking can be hard to find.  Park with peace of mind and get the right kind of car insurance.


You will need the cheap car insurance Santa Barbara requires.

Here are the minimum requirements for the state of California:

Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per occurrence

Property Damage Liability Limits:

  • $5,000 per occurrence


Know what can influence your rates. Understanding the factors that influence how much your car insurance will be can save time and money. Looking for a company that offers what you need is key, however you may not be able to control a few factors such as where you live. The zip code you live in can affect pricing. Insurance always comes down to statistics. How likely is it that you will be in an auto accident?

Make the right choice by calling us today.

Get your free quote and learn how bundling your insurance policies could save you hundreds each year.

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Motorcycle Insurance

There is no better feeling in the world than riding your motorcycle down near the beach.

Or maybe you love to hug tight mountain corners.

You can do it all in Santa Barbara. But when you ride, you are at risk. A motorcycle is a much riskier choice than a car. Statistically, you are in more danger on tow wheels than four. However, we know you love your bike, And there are so many great places to ride on the central coast. The best thing to do when purchasing motorcycle insurance is  to have a safe driving record. Live in a safe zip code and have a smaller engine on your bike. This will tell the insurance company that you are at a lower risk.

Let’s see how insurance could protect you:

Here is an example of the minimum coverage needed to ride in the state of California:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/$15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence

There are many other options available as well. Most of the time, the minimum coverage only covers the other party involved.

  • Collision coverage can help cover costs to you and your own bike.

Carry the cheap motorcycle insurance Santa Barbara riders need.

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You will  not be disappointed by carrying the best insurance possible.

Ask about what discounts you could have!
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SR22 Insurance


Have you had a DUI? SR22 insurance is to insure that you will be getting back on the road to drive or ride safely.

You must have the cheap SR22 insurance Santa Barbara requires if you want your life back.

Having a DUI is a serious offense.

You will want all of the knowledge you can get on how to get your life back and what it means to be a “high-risk” driver.

Just know that we are here to help you get back on your feet and abide by the laws of the State of California.


Here is how to get started:

  • Let the DMV know you are obtaining SR22 insurance. They will have paperwork for you.
  • Buy at least the minimum car or motorcycle insurance needed. We can help you with this.
  • Be ready to have SR22 insurance for at least three years.
  • Whatever you do, do not let your insurance lapse.
  • Carry all of your paperwork with you in your car. This means: registration, insurance and SR22 documents.
  • The first thing you need to do is contact your car insurance company. In most states there is a $15 to $25 fee to file the SR22.
  • To obtain an SR22 filing, you must purchase minimum liability coverage on all vehicles registered to you, whether they are operational or non-operational. For those who do not own a vehicle, “non-owners” liability coverage is required.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact a Cheap Insurance broker and feel satisfied with your insurance purchase.

We will look out for your best interest.

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Health Insurance


Having health insurance is not only good for you but it is good for your family.

They need to have protection in case something happens. Most Americans have health insurance and in a lot of cases it is provided for you through work. There area still almost 20% of Americans who do not have healthcare. In Santa Barbara there are some of the best hospitals in California. Take advantage of this recourse.

The consequences for not having a health insurance plan in effect can even impact your tax returns.
Health insurance is a complicated subject, even more than auto coverage.  The type of coverage you can choose from is a wide variety. HMO, PPO, EPO, Point-of service plans, high-deductible health plans HDHP, and health savings accounts, are all possibilities that may work for you.

What does healthcare cover?


  • Healthcare costs include: doctors visits, hospital stays, surgery, procedures, home care and other treatments.
  • To qualify for government healthcare, one must meet a financial criteria.
  • You may have to pay a co-pay to the hospitals upon visit. 
  • If you raise your deductible, you will lower your monthly premiums.
  • Having a good doctor that you trust for you and your family is very important.

Attain the cheap health insurance Santa Barbara residents deserve to have.

 Doctors and plans don’t need to be expensive to be quality.

Don’t wait until there is a health scare in your family.

Talk with us today and get your free quote.

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Life Insurance

The best gift you could give your family is the security of life insurance.

Finances are the number one thing that people worry about after a loved one passes.

And life is not a always for certain. Indeed we take it for granted.

Life insurance can be quite reasonable. Most plans are under $100 a month.

You can purchase life insurance for as little as $30 a month.

This of course depends on how much you want your policy to be for.

  • In many cases, people choose policies that are worth ten times their annual salary.Not only can life insurance help your family and friends carry out your wishes when it comes to funeral arrangements, schooling for children or grandchildren, and even paying off debts, it gives peace of mind.


Getting the right kind of cheap life insurance Santa Barbara residents deserve and need is simple.


  • Life insurance is about planning ahead. It can provide financial security to those you care about, cover medical bills, funeral costs, mortgage, on other living expenses.
  • If you are the primary provider for others, it can also replace your income for them, or give them money for college or other expenses. It can even be used to earn a cash value that you can withdraw or borrow against later.
  • Whether you choose term or whole life policies, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied.

Your life and the life of your family is very special.

Protect it with life insurance.

Make the call today that could change your future and the future of your loved ones.

Pick a beneficiary that you trust. Choose a broker who is on your side.

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