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Lancaster, California is located in the Antelope Valley outside of  Los Angles. This may be a desert town, but it has it’s own kind of beauty. In Lancaster you can visit the Antelope Valley California Poppy reserve. This is where millions of poppy’s bloom. It is quite a sight to see. Lancaster also has a rich Native American history. Here, you can visit The Lancaster Indian Museum and find out how the Native Americans lived in this desert area.  Residents of Lancaster enjoy their scenic views and downtown breweries. Residents love the community of Lancaster and the out-of-the-way feel it gives. If you live in Lancaster, you know what I mean.

Buying a home or car, or even starting a family takes time and money. Let us help you out by finding the best insurance possible. Getting the cheap insurance Lancaster residents should have is a great idea.


Insurance Requirements Lancaster


Homeowners Insurance

Buying a home is a spectacular feeling. You will want to care for it properly. You will want the best cheap homeowners insurance Lancaster requires.

This is what most policies offer:

    • Property Damage
    • Loss of Use
    • Liability
    • Limited coverage for stolen items
    • Additional coverage for valuables

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Renters Insurance

Renting is sometimes the right option for you and your family. You still have valuables and you still need protection.

If you are a tenant, you need Renters insurance. You could be covered for theft, liability and much more.

Have the cheap renters insurance Lancaster wants you to have and feel at home.

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Car Insurance

You probably depend on your car for just about everything. Going to work, taking kids to school, road trips and much more. You need the right kind of insurance.

Here is the minimum requirements:

Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per occurrence

Property Damage Liability Limits:

  • $5,000 per occurrence

Make sure you have the best cheap car insurance Lancaster requires. Drive with freedom.

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Motorcycle Insurance

There is no better feeling than riding on the back of a motorcycle. More times than not you are probably using your bike to commute or get around town.

You are putting yourself at risk if you don’t have the proper insurance.

You can have the minimum requirements, which are the same as a car. Or you can be fully insured. Call us today so we can give you options.

Get your hands on the cheap motorcycle insurance Lancaster requires you to have.

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SR22 Insurance

If you or a loved one has ever had a DUI, you probably know about SR22. You will need to have this insurance for at least three years after getting a DUI.

First, you will have to go to the DMV and fill out the proper paperwork. It may seem like a large task now, but call Cheap Insurance and let us help you through it.

We can save you a ton on the cheap SR22 insurance Lancaster requires.

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Health Insurance

Making sure you and your family are healthy and secure is important. Choosing the right doctor at the best price could save you in the end.

Living healthy is sometimes not enough. You need the best cheap health insurance Lancaster residents deserve.

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Life Insurance

Your family should have the gift of protection. Life insurance can give that to them. You can choose term, whole life or other types of life insurance when you call us.

Having the cheap life insurance Lancaster families deserve is imperative. You will want the best for your family even after you are gone.

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