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cheap sr22 insurance san bernardinoSan Bernardino County had 273 fatal accidents in 2014 that involved alcohol, and 472 DUI arrests. Should you be one of the unlucky drivers involved in a DUI you will need to find all the options for cheap SR22 insurance San Bernardino has available. There are a number of situations that will cause your license to be suspended, and for that you will need to have SR22 insurance for three full years. If you keep your driving record clean and your insurance up to date, there is a good possibility you will get your license back, and your Good Driver Discount. Using public transportation for the three years you must have SR22 insurance is a good way to keep your record clean, and your car mileage low.

About Cheap SR22 Insurance San Bernardino

First of all, an SR22s is a filing that is attached to your insurance, providing the DMV with up-to-date policy status information. This means they are notified within 24 hours or so if your policy cancels or lapses. You can get the SR22 form from you insurance company, then they will file it with the DMV.  DUI’s are not the only reason you might find yourself in need of an SR22. Here are some others:

  • Convicted of Reckless Driving
  • Racing ticket
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Being uninsured at the time of an accident
  • Too many points
  • Unpaid parking violations

The SR-22 is a form issued by your insurance company that helps remove your suspension order and re-establish your driving privileges at the California DMV. The California DMV has an excellent website for more information. If you don’t have a car you can get a “non-owner’s” policy that lets you to drive cars that aren’t owned by you or anyone in your household. If you do have a car, just figure out what coverage you need and start getting quotes. Be sure to be up front about your filing needs (and any tickets that resulted in the SR22) because many companies have programs geared toward high risk drivers.