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cheap sr22 insurance lancasterIn 2013, Lancaster was the 31st largest city in California. Lancaster is part of Los Angeles County, which is about 70 miles north. Lancaster has many area where law enforcement usually set up DUI checkpoints. If you’re one of the many residents who has been convicted of drunk driving (or other major violations), you may find yourself in need of an SR22. It is worth the time and effort to search for all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Lancaster can offer.

What Is An SR22?

Sr22 filings aren’t actually insurance. This is a filing that is added to your insurance policy. It transmits to the DMV electronically when there is any change in your policy status, such as a cancellation or lapse. It serves as proof that you are complying with California’s insurance laws. If this is your first major violation, your rates are probably going to increase a great deal. But most California insurance companies have programs that are specifically designed to give “high-risk” drivers a fair rate.

The SR22 must remain in effect for three years. If your forget to make a payment to your insurance company, or if you get another conviction, your insurance will stop. You will have to get it reinstated right away, and the three year time period begins again.

California requires specific liability limits for all drivers, but depending on your needs you might want additional options. We recommend at least purchasing uninsured motorist coverage, since about 25% of drivers in the state don’t carry insurance.

Can I get insurance If I Don’t Have A Car?

Yes. Non-owner’s policies are designed for drivers who need to reinstate their license with an SR22 but don’t have their own vehicle. They insure you to drive any car that isn’t registered to you or a household resident.