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cheap sr22 insurance garden groveGarden Grove’s Police Department is an internationally accredited law enforcement agency. Their mission is to improve the quality of life in the city and provide a sense of safety and security to the community members. Part of that pledge is to keep everyone on the road safely and legally. In order to legally drive after you’ve been arrested for a DUI (or other major violations), you’ll need an SR22 filing to go with your insurance policy. It is worth it to take the time to explore all of the options for cheap SR22 insurance Garden Grove has available.

Reasons you might need an SR22:

  • Drunk Driving conviction
  • Reckless driving
  • In an accident with no insurance
  • Too many traffic tickets
  • Unpaid judgement

The reasons for SR22s keeping expanding, partly due to California’s high rate of uninsured drivers. SR22s act as a guarantee that a driver’s auto policy is active.

How do they work?

SR22s aren’t insurance in and of themselves. Instead, they are an endorsement to your auto policy that you can obtain through your insurance company. Any time your policy cancels or lapses, the DMV is notified electronically by your insurance company. If your drivers license was suspended pending the SR22 filing, the DMV may revoke your driving privileges again unless your policy is reinstated or replaced.

How long do I need the filing?

Typically only for three years. However, if you have a lapse in coverage, or your filing drops off, you will have to start the three year period over again from zero.

How can I avoid that?

Pay your policy in full if possible. This will ensure it doesn’t cancel for non-payment. If you have to pay monthly you might consider enrolling in automatic payments (sometimes referred to as “EFT”). This will take your monthly premium out of your bank account or credit automatically, reducing the likelihood your company won’t get your payment.  For a more comprehensive guide to SR22 filings, see our guide.