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cheap sr22 insurance desert hot springsDesert Hot Spring is part of Riverside County and is in the Coachella ValleyNaturally. Many tourists as well as new residents are drawn to the naturally occurring mineral waters that supply the many popular health spas in the area. The city is located just of the Interstate 10 freeway, which is a highway well known for its traffic congestion and constant road construction. This makes it a greater risk for accidents, multiple tickets, or even a DUI. If you have had any of these happen to you, it is important to explore all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Desert Hot Springs has to offer.

Facts About Cheap SR22 Insurance Desert Hot Springs

An SR22 provides proof to the DMV that you have the amount of liability coverage required by the state of California. The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires an SR 22 filing for drivers who have had their license suspended. Examples of situations which may result in a temporary license suspension requiring an SR22 filing include, but are not limited to:

  • Excessive citations or tickets within a year
  • DUI or DWI violations
  • Outstanding fines
  • Caught driving without insurance

What To Do If You Need SR22 Insurance

  • You can get an SR22 from your insurance company, then they will file it electronically with the DMV.
  • If your policy lapses, cancels, or non-renews for any reason, the DMV is notified and your license could be re-suspended. It is a good idea to enroll in an automatic payment plan for your insurance, that way it won’t be cancelled because of a late payment.
  • It is also very important to be extra careful on the road and obey all traffic laws.
  • If you are nervous about driving during this time, you should look at what public transportation is available in the area. Taking a bus or train instead of your car will insure that you do not get another ticket or citation, and will also save mileage on your car.