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cheap sr22 insurance hesperiaHesperia is located in San Bernardino County, and is mostly suburbs. It does see some tourism to the lake, and is a popular place for desert hikers and golf enthusiasts. The city’s crime rate is just slightly lower than the national average, but fatal car accidents are twice as high as the state average. If you have had the misfortune to have your license suspended, you will need to search out all the choices for cheap SR22 insurance Hesperia can offer you.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 filings are proof of financial responsibility. They show the DMV that you are meeting California’s minimum requirements for your auto insurance (15/30/10). Instead of being a separate policy, SR22s are added to your current policy. They attach your policy status to your license, so the DMV automatically knows if your policy ever lapses or cancels.

How Long Do I Need SR22 Insurance?

Depending on what violations led to the SR22 filing, the state usually only requires them for 3 years. However, if you don’t carry an active insurance policy for the entirety of that time, this can be extended. A lapse of even one day will automatically restart the 3 year term, and immediately re-suspend your license.

This is the reason most companies encourage their customers to enroll in their EFT payment options. Especially for SR22 insurance policies. It can save a lot of hassle having your monthly premium deducted from your checking account each month automatically. It also ensures that your payment won’t be delayed or lost in the mail, which can also result in a cancellation.

If you have current auto insurance, you can request that the SR22 filing be added to your policy. However, it is possible your base insurance rate will become higher. If you had a clean driving record before needing the SR22, your company may raise your rates significantly once your violations hit your record.