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cheap sr22 insurance berkeleyBecause much of Berkeley’s population is college-age, the city sees a higher rate of DUI convictions than other parts of California. Those drivers who have multiple tickets, or a major violation within the past three years are probably ineligible for the Good Driver Discount, which can have a significant impact on your insurance rates. ┬áJust one day of license suspension also makes you ineligible, and the DMV will usually require you to file an SR22. If you find yourself trying to navigate this process, take a few minutes to check out the number of options for cheap SR22 insurance Berkeley agents have to offer.

What Is An SR22?

An SR22 is a filing showing “financial responsibility.” The Department of Motor Vehicles requires it for a number of reasons, including driving while uninsured. It is basically a way for the DMV to monitor your insurance status, and to prove you have the state required amount of coverage. You will usually have to carry SR22 insurance for 3 years, but if your policy cancels at any time during those three years, you have to start the three year term over again from the beginning.

How To Prevent Cancellations?

The best way to prevent a policy cancellation is to set your self up for electronic notifications. Some companies can even text you if you have policy issues, or if your policy is up for cancellation. Insurance companies have to give you at least 10 days notice if your policy is going to cancel for any reason. This includes non-payment cancellations which can be avoided by paying your policy in full, or setting your payments up to come out of your account or credit card automatically each month. Another reason your SR22 insurance can be canceled is if you are involved in another accident or driving violation. Be sure to practice safe driving, or try using public transportation for a while.