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Driving in South Dakota

Insurance Tips

The state is one of the least populated in the nation, with plenty of wide open space and agricultural land. While there isn’t as much competition as other states, consumers can still explore the many options for cheap insurance South Dakota has available.

Because so much of the state is rural, there is a much lower risk of auto accidents, which helps the average price of auto insurance stay low. Still, as the economy expands into different industries, such as bio-medical research and alternative energy, the population is expected to rise.


Required Coverage

Recommended Coverage

Sioux Falls and Pierre are the largest cities in the state and residents can expect to pay more for their auto insurance than their rural neighbors. Only 9% of drivers are uninsured, due in part to the low price per policy.

We recommend purchasing Comprehensive and Collision coverage, especially if you’re going to be driving in more rural areas. Wild animals don’t obey traffic laws, and can cause a great deal of damage to your vehicle if you hit one!

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Helpful Information

License and registration renewals can be done online via the SD Department of Public Safety’s website.

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Average Annual Premiums in South Dakota = $1,303 | via Insure.com