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Driving in Hawaii

Made up of islands, this state was the last to be added to the union. Because of its relatively low population density, the average annual auto insurance premiums are much lower than most states (around $800 according to some sources. That’s not to say you can’t find cheaper rates than that. Residents are encouraged to shop the many options for cheap car insurance Hawaii agents can find.

Remember, getting multiple comparison quotes is the best way to ensure you are paying the lowest available rates.

Hawaii Insurance Facts

Hawaii is a “no-fault” insurance state, meaning that insurance companies must pay for any personal injuries accrued up to the personal injury protection benefits limit, and that the driver may not be sued for recovery unless there are serious injuries. This protection only applies to personal injuries, not to property or vehicle damage.

Insurance premium rates vary widely based on which island the car is registered in, what company the insurance is bought from, and how the cleanliness of a driver’s record. A chart comparing 2011 statewide car insurance rates may be found here.

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Car Insurance Hawaii Requirements

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Helpful Resources

DMV website

Hawaii does not have a statewide Department of Motor Vehicles. Each island, or county, operates independently of the others. A full listing of county motor vehicle departments may be found here.

Registration Information

Registration procedures vary depending which island you want to use as your registration point. The islands of Hawai’I, Maui, Kaua’I, and O’ahu all have separate operations.

Vehicles shipped to Hawaii from the outside require a Bill of Lading, or import document for registration.

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