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Driving in Louisiana: Statewide Facts

Louisiana insurance rates have gone up quite a bit over the past few years. This is due in part to the number of claims arising from all the recent hurricanes. For consumers, it is more important than ever to research all the available options for cheap insurance Louisiana offers. Getting comparison quotes is the best way to ensure you are paying the lowest available rate for your individual needs.

Using a 40-year-old male as an example: Let’s say he is driving a brand new Toyota Camry, wants full coverage ($500 deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage) and increased liability limits (100/300/50). Based on quotes from a number of Louisiana insurance companies, in multiple residence territories, he will pay around $160/month.


Insurance Facts

Louisiana’s car insurance premiums are the highest in the United States of America, at an average 12-month rate of $2,536. Leading causes are natural disasters, the number of uninsured drivers and state insurance laws.

State Car Insurance Requirements

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Helpful Resources

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Public Safety Services handles most auto-related matters, including licensing and vehicle registration.

The Department of Insurance web page has all the information you need regarding the license status and consumer reports of the many insurance companies doing business in Louisiana.

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Average Annual Premiums in Louisiana = $2,536 | via Insure.com