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I am looking to purchase a vehicle with a salvage title.

Several things are required prior to purchasing an automobile with a salvage title:

  • Recognize what a salvage title is
  • Acquire a CarFax report
  • Acquire a competent inspection
  • Compare the savings to future costs


In most situations, salvage titles are awarded to any vehicle that has experienced damage estimated at 75% or more of its worth. For example, if you drive a Toyota worth $12,000 and it has $9,750 in damage due to a collision, it will be given a title stamped salvage. Basically, a vehicle in this condition is unfit to drive. In some states, this is also known as a “junk title.”

This is my first time purchasing car insurance.

You need to know what to look for when purchasing car insurance for the first time. Don’t be scared! It’s not a difficult process. Make sure you do your research and have all the required information, and you’ll be covered in no time.

First, you need to know how much coverage you need. There are four basic types of coverage: comprehensive, collision, uninsured driver and liability. The majority of states demand that you have liability and uninsured driver insurance. Collision insurance will pay for any damages if the accident is the fault of the driver. Comprehensive insurance safeguards an automobile from theft, fire, and other disasters. Preferably, you want all four types of coverage.

How do I bundle my insurance?

Individuals purchase insurance for various reasons of convenience besides simply the price. Consequently, many people are stuck with a mishmash of insurance companies and do not know why. In reality, bundling your policies will provide gigantic savings on your insurance.

Many large insurance companies price their insurance policies to appeal to a certain fragment of the market. The prices are created to attract homeowners who require extra insurance such as life insurance and car insurance. Insurance companies prefer customers who will stick around; therefore, in order to keep the customer’s business, companies offer multiple-policy discounts. They may offer a discounted rate to insure both the customer’s house and vehicle. Discounts come with adding a second car or life insurance to a policy as well. When bundling home, auto, and life insurance, individuals can save up to thousands per year. Rates will also depend on where the person lives, how much their home/cars are worth, personal health, driving habits, and so on.

Talk to your insurance provider about available bundles. They’ll walk you through the process.

How do I comparison-shop for car insurance quotes?

The main reason people shop for car insurance quotes is price. Insurance companies are infamous for changing rates. If your car insurance rate has been sneaking up over time, you can most likely find a cheaper price with a different company. The easiest way to compare is to shop online. With the Internet, you will be able to get multiple quotes quickly and change companies if necessary. Most companies offer a free quote online. As you research and compare rates, be sure to take into account specifics of the policies–things like road-side assistance or multiple-policy discounts.

What is the best way to shop for insurance: phone, Internet, or agent?

Shopping for car insurance is not uncommon in the insurance industry. Auto insurance advertisements are always trying to attract new customers. If you have been with the same insurance company for a while, it couldn’t hurt to at least shop around for cheaper rates.

In order to find the best insurance carrier quickly the Internet is the best way to go. Statistically, more people shop for auto insurance online than any other method. The days of telephoning tons of agents hoping that they give you the best quote is long gone. Most people already have a quote in mind before calling an auto insurance company after doing online research. As a matter of fact, car insurance can be purchased directly online without the medium of an agent or phone call. Today it is all about price and convenience, and in this arena the Internet wins hands down.