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Tennessee is the land of music, an industry that fuels the state’s nearly $18 billion tourism industry. But did you know it’s also one of the nations leading beef cattle producers, and has a booming tech industry? All that growth and tourism, coupled with the often extreme weather, makes for some challenging insurance problems. Fog, large hail, thunderstorms, and the occasional tornado contribute to some unique problems for car and homeowner’s insurance. Thankfully annual car insurance premiums aren’t too much higher than the national average, at around $115 per month. But it never hurts to look at all the options for cheap insurance Tennessee can offer.

Whether you’re here for the Great Smoky Mountains, Dollywood, The Grand Ole Opry, or the Tennessee Aquarium, you’ll find Tennessee a bright and friendly place. This could help explain the more than 10% annual population growth the state has enjoyed for the last couple decades. If you’re a sports fan there’s NASCAR’s Bristol Speedway, the Titans playing out of the Saint Thomas Sports Park, or the Grizzlies out of the FedexForum. Throughout the year the local restaurant and bar scene enjoys a diverse customer base, from die-hard football fans to country and rock-and-roll fans. If you’re new to the state, there’s a well-funded tourism bureau where you can discover all the hidden gems you didn’t even know about!

Since it’s founding in 1796, Tennessee has grown to become the 16th largest state in the Union, in terms of population.

Tennessee Facts

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Car Insurance

There are plenty of tips for finding insurance in any state. However, finding a good broker can help you find the best cheap car insurance Tennessee can offer. Brokers represent you rather than the insurance company, and can compare dozens of companies to see who will give you the best rate. Some of the rating factors that effect your monthly premiums include:

State Car Insurance Requirements

This coverage only pays for damage you cause. To cover your own vehicle in the event of an at-fault accident, you might want to consider additional coverage options.

Recommended Coverage

Tennessee does not require “full coverage.” This is a vague term that encompasses a lot of different types of coverage. Usually what “full coverage means” is that your vehicle is covered up to its replacement value, no matter what happens to it. So if a tree falls on it, or you’re at-fault in the accident, damage to your property will be reimbursed. Here are some other coverage options that can help protect you and your car:
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