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Looking for cheap car insurance in Tennessee? It may be easier than you expect!

Tennessee is on the low end when it comes to average car insurance premiums. It ranks about #34 of all 50 U.S. states. Take time to look closer, however, and you’ll discover that the car insurance quotes Tennessee drivers prefer can be among the lowest anywhere in America. 

Demonstrate safe driving and avoid any points on your license and you can carry a streamlined insurance policy that meets all Tennessee rules and requirements.

So, what does the state require and how can you get the best car insurance quotes Tenessee motorists can use? 

To find out, explore these common questions other Tennessee drivers have asked the Cheap Insurance team. They’ll help make it easier for you to find cheap car insurance in Tennessee you can really be happy with.


How Much Car Insurance Do You Need in Tennessee?

The basics of Tennessee car insurance are easy to understand. Like the majority of states, Tennessee is a “fault” car insurance state. That means when you buy most car insurance, you are protecting yourself against any costs arising from a car accident that you are found responsible for causing.

If you are responsible for an accident, your car insurance company pays out an amount up to the full value of your policy to the other drivers or people involved in the accident. Likewise, if you are injured by a driver in Tennessee, you receive compensation from that person’s insurance.

To drive in Tennessee, you need:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per individual, $50,000 per covered traffic incident
  • Property Damage Liability: $15,000 per covered traffic incident

Auto insurance companies are also required to offer you these optional features:

  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury: $25,000 per individual, $50,000 per covered traffic incident
  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage: $15,000 per accident

However, you can reject uninsured motorist coverage in writing. Doing so can save hundreds of dollars yearly on Tennessee car insurance. That said, if you are in an accident involving an uninsured driver, you may end up paying for your accident expenses out of pocket.

There are many kinds of optional insurance you can choose to add to your policy. Most Tennessee drivers are not required to hold Medical Payments coverage, Collision insurance, or Comprehensive auto insurance unless they are paying off a new car. This makes cheap car insurance in Tennessee easier to find.

How Can You Save Money on Car Insurance in Tennessee?

Saving money on cheap car insurance in Tennessee starts by getting a good deal in the first place. Compare car insurance quotes Tennessee insurers offer before making a decision. And don’t forget you can always change providers in the future if a better offer comes along!

Tennessee insurance companies can provide their own discounts, including these and others:

Not all insurers offer all discounts, and Tennessee drivers may qualify for several of them at any one time. Once you find good car insurance quotes in Tennessee, contact the insurer directly to find out how you might save.

Remember that if you live in an area with a declared emergency due to a tornado or other weather event, you may qualify to have your car insurance premium waived for a month or more. Contact your Tennessee car insurance company for details.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Car Insurance in Tennessee?

Penalties for driving without insurance in Tennessee vary more than in many states. You could get a warning with a light fine or serve jail time in excess of 11 months. Driver’s license suspension is common. If you’re in an accident without car insurance, the penalties are much more severe.

Tennessee recently instituted an Electronic Insurance Verification System that alerts authorities when you cancel an existing auto insurance policy. To continue driving, you must respond to the notice from the Revenue Department and secure proper insurance.

If you are found responsible for a car accident in Tennessee, or you are convicted of driving without insurance, you will most likely be ordered to buy SR-22 insurance. SR-22 car insurance is a special kind of car insurance in Tennessee required for “high risk” drivers. It is usually held for a period of about three years.

SR-22 car insurance can be very expensive. To keep costs down, stay out of situations where it’s required.

Cheap car insurance in Tennessee is easiest to find online. At Cheap Insurance, you can compare Tennessee car insurance premiums from trusted insurers. Have a question not answered here? Contact us today for more information.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in TN?

Dozens of different car insurance companies operate in the state, so there are plenty of options for cheap car insurance in Tennessee. No one company consistently has the cheapest car insurance in Tennessee. Instead, it is a good idea to review your insurance options on a regular basis.

Car insurance quotes Tennessee drivers can use vary based on their zip code, driving history, credit score, and many other factors. Don’t go with the first bargain you find from a big name. Instead, compare car insurance quotes online from many different insurers to get a real deal on Tennessee car insurance.

What is the average cost of auto insurance in Tennessee?

Tennessee ranks around #34 of all states when it comes to average cost of auto insurance. Car insurance quotes Tennessee drivers choose pan out to an average premium around $1,350, or about $113 a month. That does not reflect the best cheap car insurance in Tennessee, however.

Tennessee drivers with a good safety record who search for deals on minimum car insurance may pay as little as $350 a year, just about $30 a month. Those who are looking for full car insurance in Tennessee can pay around $1,200 a year, or $100 a month, and still beat the average.

How much is car insurance in Tennessee?

Cheap car insurance in Tennessee can save you hundreds of dollars a year. The cost of car insurance in Tennessee is based on factors including your zip code and driving record. Large, densely populated cities with lots of traffic see higher accident rates and are more expensive.

Using the average car insurance quotes Tennessee drivers can expect to pay about $1,350 a year, or some $113 a month. That said, you can save a lot more by comparing premiums from a variety of car insurance firms. Cheap Tennessee car insurance can work out to $30 a month or even less.

Is it mandatory to have car insurance in Tennessee?

Yes! One reason it’s crucial to find the best cheap car insurance in Tennessee is because insurance is required by law. The penalties for failing to carry insurance can vary. They get substantially worse with multiple offenses or when you are in a car accident without insurance in Tennessee.

If you don’t have insurance, you can be fined, have your driver’s license suspended, lose your vehicle registration, or even go to jail. Plus, you may be required to buy expensive “high risk” auto insurance. Going online for car insurance quotes Tennessee locals can use could save you lots of trouble!

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