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If you’ve been looking for cheap car insurance in South Carolina, you’ve noticed it’s not too easy to come by. Although figures vary by year, most estimates put South Carolina in the top ten most expensive states.
Cost of living might be low, but the cost of car insurance in South Carolina is anything but!
The average annual car insurance premiums in South Carolina can reach to $1,700 and beyond. What’s more, the difference in price between minimum South Carolina car insurance and a full car insurance policy can be more than $1,000. This makes it harder to afford complete coverage.
The car insurance South Carolina prefers protects drivers at a price they can afford.
Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about South Carolina car insurance!


What is the Minimum Car Insurance in South Carolina?

Minimum South Carolina car insurance is comparable to what’s expected in many states.
Every South Carolina motorist must have:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per vehicle accident
  • Property Damage Liability: A flat $25,000 limit
  • Uninsured Motorist: $25,000 per person, $50,000 per vehicle accident bodily injury; $25,000 property damage

Like most states, South Carolina operates auto insurance on a fault-based system. That means the driver who is found at fault for an accident is financially responsible for liabilities that come from it, including injury and property damage. Each driver’s own insurance is tapped to pay for these claims.
South Carolina’s requirements for bodily injury and property damage are not unusual. Where things get a little bit tricky is the “doubling” of insurance for accidents caused by uninsured drivers. This part of your policy helps pay for your costs in the event you are harmed on the road by someone who has no auto insurance.
South Carolina also offers some kinds of optional car insurance coverage. Different kinds of policies can cover your medical bills in an accident, your vehicle repair cost, and even repairs brought on by crime or bad weather.

Why is South Carolina Car Insurance So Expensive?

A 2019 report explored the car insurance South Carolina drivers hold and discovered several reasons for high premiums, which can be nearly 90% more than North Carolina.
Uninsured motorists are a major factor in South Carolina car insurance costs. High population density and a greater incidence of poor weather throughout the year mean more accidents involving these drivers.
South Carolina also has the distinction of having higher insurance claim rates than neighboring states. Fatal auto accidents have generally been on the rise in South Carolina since 2014, adding to the risks and costs of driving.

What Happens if You Don’t Have Car Insurance in South Carolina?

It’s always a bad idea to drive without car insurance – and South Carolina makes it easy to get caught.
In South Carolina, all car insurance companies are required to notify the state Department of Motor Vehicles as soon as a policy is no longer active. From there, you have 20 business days – about a month – to get new coverage. No one can drive without car insurance in South Carolina without getting noticed fast!
If that time period elapses with no coverage, the response is immediate:

  • Your driving privileges, license plate, and registration of the affected vehicle are suspended
  • Law enforcement officers are empowered to seize your license plate if you do not return it
  • You may be required to pay a fine of up to $400 to reinstate your driving privileges

Likewise, if you are found guilty of driving a car you don’t own while you are between insurance policies, you can be penalized with a $100 reinstatement fee and a driver’s license suspension of 30 days. If you were driving a car you own, there is a $550 uninsured motorist fee along with a requirement for SR-22 “high risk” insurance.

How Can You Reduce Car Insurance Premiums in South Carolina?

Maintaining a clean driving record will help you save money on car insurance in South Carolina. Driving without insurance even one time can raise your rates 10%, so be diligent.
If you buy a new car with good safety features, update your insurance right away. Also let your insurer know if you take a defensive driving class or raise your credit score by 50 points or more.
In many cases, the best way to keep your costs low is to start off with car insurance South Carolina can afford! If you’ve been doing everything right but not finding the cheap insurance SC motorists enjoy, it may be time to switch providers. Cheap Insurance makes it easy to compare policies from South Carolina insurers.
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Who has the cheapest car insurance in SC?

When you’re looking for the cheap car insurance South Carolina trusts, it’s important to check out all of your options. South Carolina is often near the bottom of the top ten most expensive states for car insurance in America. The average annual premium ranges to more than $1,700 throughout the state.

For cheap insurance SC drivers need to be sure they’re getting the most accurate information. Insurers change their prices quickly, and no one insurer always has the best deals on car insurance in South Carolina. Go online and compare your policy options from many brands to save more money.

Why is car insurance so expensive in South Carolina?

One thing about car insurance South Carolina residents know well is how expensive it can be. Cheap insurance SC law recognizes can be tough to find – and the reasons are outside the control of individuals. Insurers spend more in South Carolina, so they raise premiums to compensate.

Some factors that explain why South Carolina car insurance is so expensive are the accident rate, including fatal accidents, the number of uninsured motorists, and certain stretches of highway that are highly accident-prone. Safe drivers can get discounts, but going online to compare car insurance deals is the fastest way to save.

How much is car insurance per month in SC?

In the market for car insurance South Carolina drivers like most? Beware: it’s important to find the best deal. The average South Carolina motorist pays over $1,700 in car insurance premiums each year. That adds up to nearly $150 a month, more than three times as much as in the least expensive states.

When looking for cheap insurance, SC drivers should remember to use insurer discounts, such as safe driving discounts, discounts for trained “defensive drivers,” and discounts you can earn by using a car with modern safety features. Compare policies online and switch if you find a better price!

How much does car insurance cost in South Carolina?

For the average car insurance, South Carolina drivers can expect to pay over $1,700 each year. It’s not unusual to pay $145 to $150 monthly. In high-traffic areas where accidents occur more often, premiums can be higher. Drivers in their 30s and 40s with clean driving records usually have the best rates.

To uncover cheap insurance SC motorists can count on, going online is your first step. Slick ads from insurers often cover up high rates with hidden costs. When you compare South Carolina car insurance online, you can get the real answers and save money with a single click.

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Average Annual Premiums in South Carolina = $1,108 | via Insure.com