Driving in South Carolina

Insurance Facts

The average cost for car insurance in South Carolina has risen to around $1,300 per year. This corresponds to the general nation-wide rise, but is still cheaper than many states. Drivers who haven’t re-shopped their policies recently are encouraged to take the time to research all the options for cheap insurance South Carolina offers.

Part of the rise in cost can be attributed to the rise in the rate of uninsured drivers, which is over 11% state-wide. As these rates increase, so do insurance premiums, as companies need to recoup some of the costs associated with accidents caused by uninsured drivers.

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Insurance Requirements

While those are the state minimums, many safety-conscious consumers elect to purchase higher limits, or additional coverage such as Collision and Comprehensive.

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Helpful Resources

The South Carolina DMV’s website is the go-to place for any information regarding drivers licenses and vehicle registrations.

The S.C. Department of Insurance has a number of consumer pages on topics ranging from auto insurance to market assistance. You can more information on the auto insurance requirements, as well as a list of companies, agents, and brokers who are licensed in the state.

This is extremely helpful when you are purchasing insurance, as you can quickly determine whether a company has a valid license, and if any complaints have been issued against them.

The statehouse website has an entire page devoted to Insurance Code and Laws.

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Average Annual Premiums in South Carolina = $1,108 | via Insure.com