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Missouri is ranked 18th in the nation in population, but 21st for total land area. The state counts the Mississippi River as its eastern border.

Its low population density helps to maintain the cheap insurance Missouri is known for.

Average monthly car insurance premiums are just a tad over $100. That’s only half of what people pay in some of the eastern states!

Every state has its own quirks and facts. Did you know the first parachute jump took place in Missouri? Being the birthplace of Mark Twain might help explain the great sense of humor of Missouri residents. There is a great deal of pride to be found among Missourians. And no wonder, considering all the great barbecue and beer that helped make the state famous!

If you’re considering a visit, or just a weekend road trip, make sure you’re up-to-date on the local laws and regulations. From the Ozarks to wine country, river tours to spelunking, Missouri has a ton to offer.


Missouri Facts

Car Insurance

There are plenty of tips for finding car insurance in every state. The first and best tip is to contact a good insurance broker. They usually have access to multiple products and companies. Most will take your basic info first, then narrow down any possible discounts. This info includes your driving habits and “points” on your record (accidents or traffic violations). Every fact about you can effect your monthly rates, including:

Missouri Car Insurance Requirements

Recommended Coverage

While “full coverage” isn’t required in Missouri, it helps to know what it is. The mandatory requirements only cover damage you cause. This means anything of yours that is damaged isn’t automatically covered. “Full coverage” isn’t an official insurance term, but it generally means you are paying to protect your property as well.
Here are some added coverages that can help protect you and your car:
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